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Best Cities to Spend Your Whole Night – Nightlife in 10 cities which you are not to be missed

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City, the place where people live and make a living. The place where you can also chat with your friend and being governed and served with clean government and the place where you might find your soulmate and spend the rest of your life with your soulmate.

Anyway, talking about city life, every city in the world has its’ own uniqueness, especially about culture and life. Get the technology away just for a second. Now, I am going to dig up the nightlife stories of the cities in the world where you should visit it and you should be there at least once. Here are the city with the best night life you do not want to miss and the best beautiful places in the world. Check this out:


  1. Yogyakarta

The former capital of the Republic of Indonesia is one of the province in Indonesia which is still lead by the king or sultan. Yogyakarta is located in within Central Java province with their own authority.

It is also known as the student city since there are a lot of universities in this city and many university and college students are studying in this city. The night life of Yogyakarta is so amazing, there are couple spots where you can have a drink without any single thing that bothers you in Malioboro, the shopping center of Yogyakarta.

You can also eat a very healthy but very cheap food in the food stall, most of the food in Yogyakarta is so cheap, the range is between USD 1 to USD 3. This city is also full of culture so, there are a lot of outdoor gallery in the point of zero kilometer in Yogyakarta.


  1. Bangkok

Bangkok is much more aggressive than Yogyakarta since there are only few radical monks live there. The night life in Bangkok is so amazing, imagine that there are a lot of transgender expressing themselves and some of the transgender maybe much more beautiful than the Thai women itself.

There are couple of shopping district where you can eat outdoor while drink your beer in this place. You can also watch the street. Couples of night clubs are also showing several shows which are unique and interesting like go go show.


  1. Tokyo

The capital of Japan has a great night life you must miss when you leave this city. There are a lot of unique places in Tokyo where you can find people with strange style and act like anime figures called cosplay and then you can also go to the red light district where you can find people with tie walking by (it is probably yakuza)

If you want to try something new, just visit the food stall selling for sake and foods where you can also sit there and drink sake if the indoor night clubs are boring for you.


  1. Beijing

Beijing has grown from the dusty and muddy city to a great and beautiful city. One of the symbol of the rise of Chinese economy. The night life in Beijing is almost the same as the night life in Tokyo. However, you can even find much cheaper and more unique food in Beijing.

If you want to eat the scorpion, frog and a thousand years egg, Beijing is the place you should go to. The Chinese in Beijing love to spend their night in an outdoor restaurant where they can watch the people passing by.


  1. Mumbay

Mumbay is one of the largest city in India, Mumbay has its uniqueness of night life. Mumbay is also the city of the artist where there are a lot of Indian artists live and make a living in this city.

In Mumbay, you can find a luxurious night clubs where many Indians come to ease their tension or you can eat a high portion of carbohydrate served in indian food stalls in the street.

Nightlife london

  1. London

Now, let’s move to the Europe, London. The capital of England is also considered as the largest city in the world. England is the city of billionaires where you might be able to see Lakhsmi Mittal jogs in the morning.

London is the paradise of the nightlife. There are couple of bars and night clubs which will serve you. Moreover, you can spend your night in Harolds for shopping if you think that the food is not tasty.


  1. Paris

The beauty of Paris is something you can find in the night. Eifel Tower becomes the center of the beauty where many people can still sit in front of the Eifel Tower and have a chat while eating croissant.

Well, if you want more, there are couples of night clubs in Paris where you might be served by some of beautiful berber women. People in Paris also love to spend their night in the outdoor restaurant.


  1. Rome

Italy, I love the accent of Italian when they speaking English. Anyway, Rome is the center of culture for Italian as well as the capital. You can go to caffee and order some pizza and capuccino at night.

Italian love to spend their night walking or just hanging out with their friends in some local caffee or some places worth to visit.


  1. Vienna

The kind Germans, that is what people mostly say when they visit Vienna. Unlike the cold germans, the Austrian are much more open and kind (mostly). The night life in Vienna is indicated by the open and outdoor caffee where many of the Austrian spend their night by drinking beers and eating sandwhich with their friends and family.


  1. Geneva

The next neighbour of Austria, Switzerland and the city of Geneva is important and unique to visit when you are about to go to Europe. The night life in this city is much less crowd than other cities in Europe. However, you can still find many interesting things and several caffee which provides you with dark chocolate and beer. Sometime you can aske them to mix your hot chocolate with beer.

Well, those are the best beautiful places in the world you need to visit before you die and the night life to visit so you can remember it for the rest of your life.


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