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‘Shake It On Down’ by Max Fite

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Through the power of music, ‘Max Fite’ strives to enrich their songs with life’s passion. Shake It On Down brings tones of rock ‘n’ roll, blues and folk together, forming a striking and visual experience. Acting as a road map to life’s struggles and successes, the album showcases the art that comes out of triumph and loss.

Since coming together in 2015, the band has worked with producer Jaron Luksa in Los Angeles, California, to create this vibrant record. Placing the greatest importance on collaboration and never failing to attend to even the smallest of details, these songs have pushed the band’s music to a unique and soulful level, playing a key role in the success of the album.

Watch the new video for “The Devil in Me”



Shake It On Down
Devil In Me
Court Jester
My Own Fantasy
Yes Man
Time To Heal


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