Benny Freestyles Unveils Otherworldly Single Follow Me Home

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Providence, RI — On-the-rise musician Benny Freestyles, releases his latest single and visual “Follow Me Home,” a joyful serenade combining Freestyles’s unique rap scheme with his soothing vocals. The tune embodies the need for that “special someone” to be able to lean on when times feel dark. The poignant lyricism, along with powerful ambiance set in the visuals, provides an empowering wave of emotions and an enlightening insight of togetherness. The single is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

From the song’s inception, Benny Freestyles takes his listeners on a visual journey through majestic jungles and starry treelines. His vision, along with longtime friend and videographer Sam Morrisey (Endeavor Studios), creates a surreal setting that lures you in closer and closer with each frame. Shot in Nosara, Costa Rica, the ambient visuals complement the melodic tone, while light guitar strums elevate the track. Engineered by Thomas San Bento and produced by Freestyles, he recalls how the two had stayed up all night to make sure of this track’s perfection. “My process is always similar, but something that stood out on the production of this track was that we never stepped away from it until it was finished. Tom and I stayed up until 6:30 in the morning working on the track, it was a twelve-hour studio session.” “Follow Me Home” implicitly exemplifies the need to love one another, but more so, to be able to count on those closest to you.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Benny Freestyles grew up traveling the world with his older sister. Experiencing new perspectives on life are what shaped his spiritually-based music. The name Benny Freestyles comes from his long time skill of freestyle rapping. The musician has released consistent projects and been on multiple national tours, collectively bringing in millions of streams on Spotify and Youtube. Through releasing his music and touring the country, he has built a dedicated fan base worldwide, with his movement proliferating.

With “Follow Me Home,” Benny Freestyles is once again showing the world his one of a kind range and dedication to making inspiring music.

Benny Freestyles - Follow Me Home (Official Music Video)

The single is now available on digital music platforms worldwide. You can stay in tune with all things Benny Freestyles by following him on social media @bennyfreestyles.

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