5 Tips to Build Your New eCommerce Brand Awareness

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The strange times we are living today have changed the lives of many families, individuals, and professionals. Some are just working toward getting used to working from home, while others are looking for a side hustle that can help them find financial stability.

In whatever situation you are in, this is an excellent time to start something new, something that can develop into your passion project or, who knows, a profitable business. If you have opted to start an eCommerce start-up and make your products available to buy, having a brand awareness strategy is paramount. Start from the tips below.

Have a Goal

Many today famous brands started when a friend or the owner said: “that’s good, you should sell that.” This might not be the case for every single business, but there isn’t a lack of inspiring stories out there. However, once you have decided to turn your hobby into a business, having a clear goal of your objectives is essential. Figuring this detail out can help you craft a marketing strategy that works best for your target market.


If your brand is new, and you are trying to reach out to new customers, partnering with brands that have been in the sector for a while can increase the visibility of your start-up. While you should pick a partner in the industry, don’t make the mistake of choosing a competitor’s website!

Instead, opt for a brand that can accompany or complement your product. For example, if you have decided to sell your handmade jewelry, you might decide to partner with a clothing brand that fits your values.

Considering that the pandemic and the lockdown have had an impact on everybody’s finances, you might not be too willing to spend some of your savings on ads. However, starting a new business – whether online or not – is all about smart investments in resources and tools. In your case, paid advertisement is crucial to reach out to customers that might otherwise never come across your brand.

Free Goodies

When it comes down to increasing your market reach and customer loyalty, nothing works better than word of mouth. Customers are likely to speak to others about their experience with your brand, whether this was positive or negative. And, today, social media have made the process much, much easier. However, there is nothing wrong with creating a conversation starter.

So, if you sell physical products to your clients, add a free goodie, such as drawstring backpacks with your logo, stickers, or old-fashioned pens. Naturally, the more they relate to your brand, the better!

Social Media

Creating a business account for your company on Twitter or Facebook is free and accessible, but it can work miracles with the right strategy. Moreover, it can link to your website where your products are on sale, which means that you will have more than one visibility stream to count on. Ultimately, you can create a community where your product is about to share everything, aside from the latest additions to the collection.

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