As Dachshunds Become More Popular, Here’s What First-Time Owners Need To Know

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Owning a dog is a fun way to spend time with a furry pal, and it’s become increasingly popular in the UK.

Following the pandemic and the rise in working from home, dog ownership has risen in line with the changing world of work, and more and more people are seeking companionship in the form of a four-legged friend.

One of the breeds of dog that has been rapidly rising in popularity recently is the Dachshund, also known as the doxie or sausage dog, thanks to their long body shape. Dachshunds have become trendy over recent years thanks to their cute appearance, small size and the variety of colours and types you can choose from.

There are two official sizes of Dachshund, standard (9-12 kg) and miniature (4.5-5 kg), but both are diminutive when compared to larger breeds. Their small size combined with their relatively low exercise needs of just an hour’s walk a day means that Dachshunds are often considered ideal for those in a variety of living situations.

For first-time dog owners, Dachshunds might seem like an ideal option, as they’re not too large and are intelligent dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they’re easy to handle. Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers, so they can be ferocious little dogs that need a lot of training and attention to ensure they live long and happy lives with their owners.

Whether you’re considering adding a Dachshund to your family, or have already put a deposit down on your pup, this is the ideal guide to all the things you might not know about this adorable breed of dog.

These Sweet Dogs Pack A Loud Bark

They might look cute and fluffy, but one thing any seasoned Dachshund owner will tell you is that these cuddly pups have a load of bark. In fact, they’re renowned for barking regularly, and it can take a lot of training to get them to redirect their energies somewhere else. So, if you’re looking for a quiet home, a sausage dog probably isn’t the best choice for you! However, if you’re committed to training your Dachshund, then they are smart dogs that can be taught to stop barking given time, because while they are intelligent, these dogs can be independent and stubborn. Consistent and positive reinforcement training methods work best if you’re keen to stop your pet from barking.

There Are Three Coat Types To Choose From, And The One You Pick Is Important

The extent of grooming required for Dachshund care hinges entirely on the specific coat variety you opt for. Dachshunds are available in three distinct coat types—smooth, long-haired, and wire-haired—each carrying its own unique grooming prerequisites and dispositions. Consequently, it becomes paramount to select the variety that aligns with your lifestyle and personal inclinations. Long-haired or wire-haired Dachshunds necessitate a higher degree of grooming compared to their smooth-coated counterparts. However, they offer the advantage of better insulation during winter months and a diminished need for additional outerwear. It is advisable to dedicate time to contemplate the distinct attributes of each coat type, evaluating both aesthetic preferences and practical considerations before making your choice.

Dachshunds Can Be Prone To Skeletal Issues

The exaggerated sausage shape is what often attracts prospective owners to this petite breed, but it can also lead to various health problems. They can be prone to intervertebral disc disease or hip dysplasia, both of which can result in serious injury for your pet. While there are some ways you can reduce the risk, for example, by walking them on a harness, not a collar, and using steps to stop your dog from jumping up onto surfaces, you can never entirely prevent any skeletal issues. If these do occur, then you need to be aware that the treatments are often time-consuming and expensive. If your Dachshund has hip dysplasia, then they will probably need a hip replacement. For potential dog owners, understanding how a total hip replacement in dogs and other skeletal treatments work will help you to see what you could be in for as your Dachshund gets older.

Their Loyal Natures Make Them Prone To Anxiety

Dachshunds are renowned for their unwavering loyalty and deep attachment to their owners, a trait that can be both delightful and challenging. Often dubbed “Velcro dogs,” they have an inclination to stay in proximity to their human companions, even shadowing them between rooms. While this affectionate attachment is endearing, it’s crucial to strike a balance to foster some independence in your Dachshund. These dogs thrive on human companionship, and, as a result, they may experience separation anxiety when left alone for extended periods. They relish being an integral part of the family and may assertively seek your attention, which can present challenges, particularly for individuals with busy schedules or those who work from home. If your lifestyle requires frequent extended absences, a Dachshund may not be the most suitable choice for your household.

In Summary: Be Prepared For A Long But Fun Journey  

Ultimately, it is imperative to acknowledge the individuality of each Dachshund, recognizing that their personality and requirements can exhibit considerable variability. Conducting exhaustive research, seeking guidance from reputable breeders or rescue organizations, and fully embracing the responsibilities associated with Dachshund ownership are essential steps to ensure the well-being and contentment of your beloved canine companion. Dachshunds, with lifespans typically spanning 12 to 16 years depending on factors such as size and lifestyle, require a steadfast commitment for the long term. While this guide offers preliminary insights, sustaining your new pet’s happiness and health throughout their life journey demands substantial time, unwavering dedication, and diligent effort. Over time, your enduring dedication will foster a fulfilling and mutually rewarding bond with your cherished Dachshund.

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