Animals in Denial Premiere Eclectic New Single “Touch” Revisited

Aiden Faire
Aiden Faire - Music Reviewer 3 Min Read

Animals in Denial is the brainchild of the multi-talented Christian Imes, a musical endeavor that exemplifies his versatility as a songwriter, producer, and performer.

Imes’s musical journey began at the tender age of 14 when he received his first guitar. From that moment on, he embarked on a relentless quest to harness the power of music, and this determination has since become the cornerstone of his creative endeavors. As a self-taught guitarist, he displayed an unwavering dedication to refining his craft, learning the nuances of strings and chords, and using his instrument as a conduit for his boundless creativity. His new single, out today, “Touch” Revisited is a breath of fresh air in the modern music landscape.

Not content with mastering just the guitar, Christian Imes expanded his musical horizons with incredible fervor. He took it upon himself to learn the intricate art of synthesizer programming, drumming, and bass guitar playing. This ceaseless pursuit of new skills showcases his passion for musical exploration and the desire to continually push his creative boundaries. Imes’ commitment to honing his skills and exploring novel avenues for expression has made him a true musical polymath.

In the sanctuary of his personal studio, Imes is a one-man musical powerhouse. Here, he meticulously crafts his compositions, with occasional production assistance from his wife, Jeanine. This collaborative aspect of his artistry adds a unique layer to the already multifaceted nature of his work, creating a dynamic blend of talent and creativity. Imes’ music is a testament to the profound connection he shares with his craft and his ability to seamlessly merge the roles of composer, producer, and performer.

The year 2016 marked a significant milestone in Christian Imes’ career when he unleashed over a dozen singles and four full-length albums onto all major music streaming platforms. His works captivated audiences worldwide, drawing them into a soundscape that is as diverse as it is emotive. The music of “Animals in Denial” is more than just a collection of melodies; it is an expression of a musician’s soul and a testament to the transformative power of dedication, passion, and creative exploration. Imes’ journey is far from over, and his future promises to be as enchanting and dynamic as the music he crafts.

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By Aiden Faire Music Reviewer
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