Amiena Gets Fiery With “Flare”

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First came “Halo”… then comes “Flare,” the second single from Amiena’s upcoming album, Flares & Halos.

The international alt-pop artist has released her fiery new single “Flare” following up her last clever and ironic single “Halo”. “Flare” delivers a much darker perspective compared to the tongue-in-cheek attitude of “Halo” and closes a chapter in her life. With Amiena’s explosive vocals and dark sound, “Flare” is a bold anthem with unique storytelling.

“Flare” is a dark, honest and direct single that serves as one of the bookends for the album alongside “Halo”. The two singles represent the different approaches to confront hypocrisy; “Flare” mirrors her last single by showing a darker view of confronting these issues of hypocrisy and toxicity. While “Halo” was a party in a mansion with gold plated palm trees, “Flare” transports us to bi-polar scenery.  A house pretending to be a church on fire while Amiena navigates the debris. ‘”Flare” is a song about owning the past and letting go of toxic relationships. No regret. No “what ifs,” simply closing a chapter and setting fire so there is space for new life”’ explains Amiena.

With powerhouse-vocals, Amiena’s new single is a confident and fiery single that sets fire to the past to begin anew. This is a must add to any of your angsty playlists.

Stream it HERE and follow Amiena on Instagram @amienamusic.

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