5 signs you need to hire a tree service specialist

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Contrary to popular belief, a tree service specialist does much more than just cut down fallen trees. They are responsible for a wide range of maintenance and upkeep relating to all aspects of the outdoor environment. From tidying up unkempt gardens to landscaping and pruning, tree service specialists can use their knowledge and experience of arboriculture to transform your outdoor living space. Read on to find out whether your garden could benefit from the services of a tree service specialist.

Split branches

A split branch indicates it is ready to fall. This can be caused by heavy winds or stormy weather. It is important you do not try and fell the branch yourself as this can cause injury to yourself as well as the tree. By enlisting help from tree trimming near me professional early on, the branch can be removed safely and efficiently. This can prevent it from snapping during the next gust of wind and wounding a passer-by or denting a nearby vehicle.

Branches resting on power lines

Branches that are resting on and obstructing power lines are a disaster waiting to happen. If they are left untreated, they can trigger an electrical fire or power outage that can affect your entire neighbourhood. Acting quickly can avert a crisis. You must never put yourself in harm’s way by attempting to trim a tree branch that has come into contact with a live power line. Call a Chattanooga tree service specialist or one based in your local area as soon as you spot this issue either on your property or on a neighboring property.

An untidy garden

As well as tending to a wide range of problems relating to ailing trees, a tree service specialist can also reorganize and declutter your garden. Outdoor spaces that have been neglected are a breeding ground for a number of unwanted pests. Mess and garden waste can attract mosquitoes, rats and mice. A tree service specialist can prune overgrown branches and trim unkempt bushes to keep your garden critter-free.

A fallen tree

Fallen trees can wreak all kinds of havoc. From blocking roads to damaging property, they must be dealt with immediately. If a tree has fallen within your property and is not causing any obstruction, you may be able to remove it yourself. Larger trees or trees that have fallen on public land are more likely to require the services of tree service specialists. Depending on your location, like if you are in the state of Tennessee, then a Chattanooga tree service specialist would be what you are looking for. Essentially, you need a specialist based in your local neighbourhood or surrounding area.

A sick tree

Just like humans, trees can also get sick. Whether it has been exposed to dangerous fungi or bacteria or is the victim of a bug or virus infestation, a tree service specialist can prevent the situation from deteriorating. Dead or decaying branches or leaves developing dark spots are key indicators that a tree is sick. Detection and intervention can save a tree from dying a slow death and nurse it back to health before it is too late.

Whether your tree is slowly decaying, or your outdoor space just needs a quick tidy up, a tree service specialist may be able to help bring your garden back to life.

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