Alt-Pop Artist Saint Loretto Returns With ‘Passenger/s’ Exposing Dark Realities Through Indie Pop Anthems

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Effortlessly flicking through sounds reminiscent of ‘80s new wave music like The Cure to modern indie pop such as The 1975, alterative pop artist Saint Loretto returns with 10 track album ‘PASSAGE/S’, exposing the dark realities of the singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist’s traumatic life through infectious, feel-good indie anthems.  

Under the moniker Saint Loretto, Evan Crowley oscillates between dark and light, storytelling of his past mental health issues but through the medium of danceable pop/rock beats.  

Struggling in early life, Crowley found music is therapy, stating: “I have always battled with mental illness, but music saved me. When I was fifteen, I started making music and playing shows, and it gave me a more positive outlet than my earlier self-destructive patterns.” 

The album is a window to Crowley’s transitionary period. He found himself living on the floor of a dilapidated house after leaving an eleven-year relationship that ended in divorce and began writing and recording the album between the house and an abandoned office building where he utilized audio snapshots of his challenging environment to offer fans a more visceral connection to what he was going through at the time. 

Before the full album is available to download, SaintLoretto will provide a teaser to their fans with the instantly addictive, anthemic track ‘Aisles’ releasing March 13th. The single will also be accompanied by a music video shot by filmmaker Bradley Beesley (The Flaming Lips, Heartless Bastards). The video found the crew driving down South Congress Avenue in Austin, bustling with weekend nightlife, whilst Crowley did his best to perform the song without falling off the back into the crowds of gaping onlookers. 

Delivered with natural swagger and unforgettable vocals, Saint Loretto will be returning with ‘PASSAGE/S’ March 29th, releasing through HalBird Records, LLC.

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