Alaena Releases New Single + Video for “Holy Mess”

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Grunge-pop artist Alaena, premiered her new track and accompanying video for “Holy Mess” October 10, exclusively on AltPress. The new track is an anthem for the youth who feel like they are constantly being judged, ridiculed and bossed around by the older generations. 

“I strongly feel like we have so much GREAT to accomplish, we want BIG changes and that can get messy but who gives a damn?” Alaena, tells AltPress. “Nothing powerful comes without a storm. The disapproval of our elders shouldn’t matter, because in the end they won’t be the ones here to dictate what happens during OUR lifetime.”

“Holy Mess” also marks Alaena,’s first artist collaboration with CRSNT (Julian Hott), who produced the single. “It made so much sense to team up with the young up-and-coming artist CRSNT who is only 16,” says Alaena,. “He had a song blow up on SoundCloud and it makes total sense because this kid is hella talented.”

“Holy Mess” Is Available at All Digital Retailers.

Alaena, is actively trying to release new content every month off of her upcoming EP Unguilty Pleasures.

Holy Mess - Alaena Feat. CRSNT (Official Music Video)

“Over the course of the year, the Pittsburgh native has been making a big impact with her unique take on pop.” – Wonderland Magazine

“ALAENA Is the Rock Star Mixing Pop and Grunge to an Awesome Effect.” – PAPER Magazine

Photo by Rob Larson | Makeup by Colleen Malley

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