My trip to Egypt

Earlier this year, I decided to go to Egypt and booked a 10-days tour of Egypt, so I sat on my chair and then opened my computer and typed in Google’s search engine “Egypt vacation packages”, lots of results in front me. I choose the best 10 booking websites and I concerned that the travel agency should be located in Egypt to prevent the commissions that other international travel agencies take it such as Thomas Cook and built my trip website…etc. I was prepared for an inquiry that I need to book a trip to Egypt for 10 days, what’s the best itinerary and the best service you offer at affordable prices. I send this inquiry to 10 travel websites which already located in Egypt. One of them was the “Trips in Egypt” travel agency which arranged my trip to Egypt.

First Day: Arrival At Cairo Airport

Cairo Airport 1

I flew in the day before and landed around 10 am that morning at Cairo airport. At the exit door of the airport, I founded a man with a sign “Trips in Egypt” waiting for me. then I transferred from Cairo airport to my hotel reservation called Steigenberger. I prepared my luggage in the room and at night, I have an unforgettable night in Cairo. I have a dinner cruise on the heavenly Nile, then I watch an unforgettable a colorful belly dancing show accompanied by a folklore band featuring a Tannoura spin in keeping with Egypt’s whirling dervishes tradition. Finally, I returned back to my hotel for overnight.

Second Day: Explore Pyramids of Giza

Saqqara Pyramid

Giza Pyramids

In the morning and after having my delicious breakfast meal, I joining my professional private tour guide “Mohamed El Sheimi” who head with me to the most notable landmarks in Giza. Pyramids of Giza reveal the great heritage of the ancient Egyptian Civilization. I explore the glory of this unique civilization and see the great Giza Pyramid of Khufu or “Cheops”, the Pyramid of Khafre or “Chephren”, and the Pyramid of Mykerinos. Then I headed to discover the mythical guard of the pyramids “The Magical Sphinx” which built to immortalize the memory of king Khafre. It measures 20 meters high and 73 meters long. It took about 3 years to be built by 100 workers. After that, I head to know the secrets of the Mummification process of Pharaohs at “The Valley Temple” Where the purification & mummification processes have been held. Then I have a delicious lunch meal which is presented in a local restaurant with the Nile View and then I join your tour guide to head to Saqqara Step Pyramid, which was the first one of its kind with that shape. Finally, I transferred back to my hotel in Cairo for overnight.

Third-Day: Fly to Aswan Attractions

Philae Temple

Hatshepsut Temple

After having my breakfast, then I transferred to Cairo airport to catch my flight to Aswan city. Upon arrival, my tour guide “Mahmoud Nour” takes me to visit the tiptop attractions in this great Nubian city including Aswan High Dam which is considered the best modern achievement for the Egyptians because of its notable effects on the social, political, and economic life in Egypt. Then, I headed to visit the majestic obelisk in ancient Egypt “The Unfinished Obelisk” which was constructed during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut who wanted to build the greatest two Obelisks in front of Karnak Temples but this one experienced some cracks that led Queen Hatshepsut to take the decision of transferring it to its location in Aswan. After that, I had my lunch while enjoying the most beautiful Nubian views and then my tour guide assisted me to move to Philae Temple, the ancient temple that has been once the location of the Ancient Egyptians’ prayers who aimed to have the blessings of the goddess Isis, the ancient goddess of love & beauty. Finally, I transferred to my 5* Nile cruise in Aswan then check-in and overnight.

Fourth Day: Private Tour to Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple

In the morning, I got my breakfast box, then joined with my guide Mahmoud to visit the mesmerizing temples of Abu Simbel which changed my mood and let me explore the real concept of greatness left by the Ancient Pharaohs. I toke some gorgeous pictures there and then I returned back to Aswan to sail to Kom Ombo & Edfu.

Fifth Day: Visit Kom Ombo & Edfu Temples

Kom Ombo Temple

After having my breakfast on the board of my Nile cruise. After that my guide escorted me to visit the breathtaking two temples and to have some memorable pictures in it. Then I returned back to the cruise and continue sailing to Edfu temple which was dedicated to Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris and its walls are really impressive with its inscriptions and pictures showing Horus having his revenge from Seth the brother of his father Osiris. At the end of the day, I returned back to my cruise which started sailing to Luxor city.

Sixth Day: Discover Luxor Attractions

I enjoying the best tour to the West & East Bank in Luxor. I witnessed some of the best attractions in the west bank just like Valley of the Kings where the tombs of the great Egyptian pharaohs including the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun & the tomb of Ramesses II, then I visited the gorgeous Hatshepsut Temple which was constructed during the 18th dynasty and what you actually don’t know about this temple is that it has been used as a center of religion. After that, I continue my trip to the west bank of Luxor by visiting Colossi of Memnon which is known to the locals as El-Colossal. They were erected in 1350 BC in the Theban Necropolis along the Nile River.

After that, I had my lunch at a restaurant and then I headed to the most fascinating attractions in the East Bank of Luxor which is Karnak temples were built by some of the great Egyptian Pharaohs like Amenhotep III and King Tutankhamun. It was being totally impressed at the huge temples in Karnak and the accurate measurements that were taken to construct such a huge construction. After I witnessed the last culture attraction of Luxor., shifted my scenery to Hurghada by a modern private A.C vehicle with a driver called “Mustafa” then I checked in a 5* Hotel in Hurghada and overnight there.

Seventh Day: Spend A Free Day in Hurghada

I enjoyed a day full of fun, relaxation on the coastal beach of Hurghada while I had the best possible service during my accommodation that includes the three main meals in addition to some soft drinks to cheer you up.

Diving in Hurghada

Eighth Day: Another Free Day in Hurghada

I enjoyed another free day in Hurghada to do some activities such as snorkeling trips and safari trips.

Ninth Day: Fly Back to Visit Old Cairo Sightseeing

I got my flight back to Cairo and upon your arrival, I joined my private tour guide which was this time a girl tour guide called “Reham” who escort me to visit the rest of the remarkable landmarks in Cairo including The Egyptian Museum which had a wide variety of ancient Egyptian artifacts, treasures, mummies, documents, papyrus. After that, I headed to the splendid citadel in Cairo Salah El-Din Citadel which is an Islamic fortification from the Middle Ages and it was mainly built to defend from the Crusaders armies. inside the citadel I visited Mohammed Ali mosque which was built by Mohamed Ali to commemorate his beloved son who died at an early age. It was designed by the Turkish engineer Yousif Boushnaq, who designed it just like mosques in Turkey. After that, I have my lunch and then I visited the best Egyptian open-air market in Khan El Khalili Bazaar where I was able to buy some souvenirs, get some Egyptian spices, and do some amazing tours. After that, I transferred to my 5* Hotel in Cairo overnight.

Tenth Day: Fly Back to My Home

Cairo Airport

After having my breakfast at my hotel, I transported to Cairo International airport where my representative “Ahmed” helped me in finishing all of the official papers to finish all of the departure procedures, then I flew to my home an again safely with amazing memories.

6 Things that Surprised Me During My Trip to Egypt:

  1.   First: It’s Not As Dangerous as You Think.
  2.   Second: Egyptian Children are incredibly friendly & funny.
  3.   Third: Cairo is the embodied chaos.
  4.   Fourth: The food in Egypt is unique and delicious.
  5.   Fifth: Tipping expected – for everything.
  6.   Sixth: All old sites are 10x best on reality.

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