ÆVES Releases New Single “Loaded Love”

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Kentucky alternative pop/rock duo  ÆVES  band are bringing back to life ‘modern pop’ with their new single “Loaded Love,” out now.

Comprised of Molly O’Malley and Matthew Adam,  ÆVES  takes their usual synth-tinged pop sound and fills it with more organic instruments on the new track. After starting out organically as a simple song originally created by O’Malley on the piano, the organic feel brings  ÆVES  to a more natural place than their previous releases, which includes the dance-y powerhouse “Wild Hearts.” Although a different approach to their usual niche, the release of “Loaded Love” steers the band in a similar direction, maintaining their pop sensibilities and bringing a personal and intuitive to the genre. About their style, the band states:

“Æves is about vibes. We want people who listen to our music to kind of empathize in a way that makes them happy. We want our music to get someone pumped up, if they’re going to the gym, hanging out with friends, or just driving around. Even when we write the songs and collaborate we have to have a good vibe going and that everyone is on the same page otherwise it’s a failed attempt. Our mission, so to speak, is to make sure the listener (and ourselves) is having a good time.”

In the cold, dark days of Winter 2014, long-time friends Molly O’Malley and Matthew Adam came up with a vessel to let their musical ideas take flight. Molly and Matthew, both accomplished songwriters and scene veterans in their own rights, had become disenchanted with the state of modern pop music. Catchy choruses and hooks abounded, but there was something missing. The radio waves no longer carried the awe, wonder, or human connection that once pervaded the world.  – and with this in mind, Æves was born. Following the successful release of several singles, including the highly regarded “Ignite” in 2016, Æves have done it again – this time partnering with Marc Walloch of AWOLNATION and Grammy nominated Rick Carson – to bring you their catchy new single.  “Loaded Love” is available now.

♡♡ WILD HEARTS ♡♡ - ÆVES (official lyric video)

To stay connected with ÆVES, visit the social media links below:

Twitter – twitter.com/aevesmusic

Facebook – facebook.com/aevesmusic

Instagram – instagram.com/aevesmusic

Website – aevesmusic.com

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