8 Reasons Tokyo Should be Your Next Travel Destination

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The Capital of Japan has been a popular destination for decades, and that trend is growing. Tokyo sits in an ideal location for travelers from Asia and Australasia heading to the USA, and vice versa, to have a stopover on the route. Being a convenient stopover point has kept tourists coming, and now people are flocking there as the primary destination. We have put together some of the reasons Tokyo needs to be on the top of your destinations to visit.

Onsen or Hot springs

As Japan sits on the edge of the Pacific Rim of Fire, it has a lot of seismic activity. Being located here does have its advantages though, as this has given Japan some of the most beautiful hot springs, or Onsen as it is called in Japanese. If you take a short day trip, you can visit the best Japan has to offer in Hakone. Hakone has great resorts with hot springs, and you get to sit back and look upon Mount Fuji. If you have no time for excursions outside the city, there are bathhouses in Tokyo that cater to that as well.

Nights on the Town

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With almost forty million people living in the greater metro area, it is no surprise Tokyo has a buzzing nightlife. If Karaoke is your thing you have come to the right place, the karaoke bars are a national institution and provide many amenities like private rooms, delivered food, or someone to sing for you. If you prefer a quieter evening, you will find plenty of bars to suit your needs. Everyone will find entertainment to suit in Tokyo.

Japanese Cuisine

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As the birthplace of sushi, Japan attracts many food lovers and Tokyo is the best place to experience traditional Japanese food. According to a recent study on how Americans perceive the Japanese capital, food ranked the highest amongst those surveyed.

Being an important commerce center Tokyo also has an array of Michelin-starred restaurants. Some of the high-end restaurants have limited space like the three-starred Ginza Kojyu, so booking in advance may be wise. But whatever your food preference you are sure to be catered for as there are noodle shops and small family-run eateries on most streets.


For a family visiting Tokyo, there is, of course, Disneyland to attend, but another great place is the man-made island of Odaiba. This has a 24-hour karaoke, video game and bowling center, and there is also a giant Ferris wheel. If you prefer to do so, you can visit the BBQ area and cook lunch while watching the Tokyo skyline.

Japanese Culture

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Japan is a country steeped in culture and heritage, this is evident wherever you go as they have a real desire to remember traditions from thousands of years ago. When in Tokyo you should visit at least a few of the museums, like the Tokyo National Museum that specializes in Japanese art and is a must-see.

Kabuki theatres are also popular where you can see traditional singing, dancing and drama all in elaborate traditional dresses and makeup. ‘Noh’ is another drama performance famous in Tokyo, this dates from the 1400s and uses traditional props and dresses along with acting to convey stories.

Gadgets and Electronics

Since I can remember, Japan has been a leader in robotics and gadgets. A visit to Tokyo wouldn’t feel complete without venturing into the mega electronic stores and purchasing a few ‘toys’. Many of the large stores will have robotic displays showing the latest technology. As Japan is a first-release country, many items will be cheaper than in Australia, the UK, or the USA, making it great for finding a potential bargain.

Gardens and temples

I mentioned before how Japan celebrates its traditions and past, and this can be seen in the many parks and palaces you can visit. All the parks are well maintained, and if you go at the right time of year, you can see an explosion of colors in the trees. Along with the Imperial Palace where the Emperor resides, there are another four in Tokyo to visit. These include extensive gardens and ancient fortifications.

Ease of Travel

Although getting to Tokyo is a long distance for western travelers, once they’re traveling around the city or the country, it is fairly easy and quick. Most signage in tourist areas now has an English translation attached. The train service providers are world is known for punctuality and their ease of use. If you should need a taxi, they are clean, comfortable and professional.

We have only outlined eight reasons to visit Tokyo, but we are sure you will find many more once you take the plunge and go.

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