6 amazing tips for your glowing skin in winters

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As winter approaches, some people get excited about the cold days, hot food, and warmth of the company. However, a lot of people also get worried about the effect the harsh winter weather has on the skin.

Winter means low humidity levels and dry air. It is a recipe for skin disasters if preventive and corrective steps are not taken in time. Dryness, cracking, bleeding, redness, itching, and enhanced appearance of lines are some of the issues that the skin might face during the colder months of the year. Most people prepare their houses for the winter but forget about the skin they live in. It is equally essential to have your skin winter-ready. Indoor heating and recycled air within the house also add to the skin concerns. But you don’t have to fret; we have compiled a few excellent tips to help you banish winter skin problems. Read on to find out more, and implement them for glowing healthy skin.

Underneath is a list of 6 amazing tips for your glowing skin in winter:

Hydration for Youthful Skin

It is the most obvious tip, yet the most ignored one. The importance of hydration cannot be stressed enough. It is possible to get dehydrated even in cold weather. Your body still loses moisture during cold days, and thirst is not a good indicator of when to replenish the water levels of your body. Make conscious efforts to drink lots of water for glowing skin. Always keep a bottle of water with you. Soups, juices, and fruits are also a great way to provide your body with hydration. A sufficient quantity of water also helps to combat many skin issues by aiding in flushing out the toxins from your body. It also helps the body maintain optimal temperature, which keeps the skin moist. Hydration of the skin tissues increases the skin’s elasticity. Water is essential for the efficient functioning of all the organs of your body, and think about it; your skin is the largest organ of your body. Hydrated skin is happy skin, and happy skin glows!

Carefully select your skin products

Opt for a gentle cream cleanser. Stay away from harsh, chemical-based cleansers that might strip away all the essential moisture from your skin. Use cleansing oils to remove dirt and makeup from your skin without drying it out. Your winter skin essentials should also suit your skin type. Make use of an oily skin solution for skin prone to producing more oil. People prone to breakouts must not use petroleum or oil-based products. Remember that the level of active ingredients is essential rather than the viscosity of the product. Emollient moisturizers help seal in moisture and are suitable for people with dehydrated skin. Get a thick, cream-based moisturizer for your body as well. Choose products that target winter skin concerns.

Switch to a winter skincare routine

When the weather changes, why should your skincare routine remain the same? Just like your wardrobe, your skincare routine must change with the seasons. Switch to a skin routine that is more suitable according to harsh weather conditions. You will need to moisturize your skin more often than you do on warmer days. Exfoliation also becomes more critical in the winter. Consult a dermatologist if you are not able to figure out a good winter skincare routine for yourself. Your skin deserves all the love it can get.

Sun protection is still essential

People tend to assume that chilly weather means no need for sunscreen. Sun protection is as critical in winter as it is in summer. You need to apply sunscreen every two hours when you are spending time outdoors in winter. Refresh your sunscreen if you have been sweating profusely. Most people neglect sunscreen because they cannot feel the sun strongly on their skin, and there are lesser possibilities of sunburn. However, skin damage from the skin is still a threat even in the cold days. The sun’s UVA rays (long-wave rays that form 95% of the rays that reach the earth) are responsible for signs of aging and initiating skin cancers. These rays can penetrate through clouds, and so the risk is still present even on overcast, chilly days. Do not overlook sun protection if you want beautiful, glowing skin.

Exfoliate in the right amount

During winter, you need to exfoliate your skin regularly. Exfoliation sloughs off the dry and dead skin cells. It paves the way for other skincare products to be absorbed more easily and reveals a beautiful, even complexion. Physical exfoliants may prove to be too harsh on the skin in this weather. Opt for chemical exfoliants that use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), or enzymes to work their magic on the skin. Chemical exfoliation is kinder to the skin and does not cause flakes. Remember over-exfoliation may cause more harm than good, so stick to exfoliating 2-3 times a week.

Exercise to bring out the healthy glow

Although it gets more challenging to get moving in the chilly weather, remember that it is a great way to get your heart pumping better. With exercise, the heart pumps more blood to your organs, and the largest of the organs is the skin. So, for healthy glowing skin, you must exercise regularly even during cold days.

Implement these simple tips and notice ‏the difference in your skin. Your skin will thank you. The effect of your diligence related to your will be seen in your holiday pictures.

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