5 Ways to Be Confident In Your Clothing

Mia Taylor
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When you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, it gives you a sense of confidence, which is why it’s important to choose clothes that fit our lifestyle as well as our personal taste and preferences. Of course, there are different factors that determine how good we feel in our clothes.

This guide will shed some light on what you need to look for in clothes so you can feel more confident about the way you dress.

Invest in quality garments you feel good in

Most of us assume that they’re getting a higher quality product if they pay a higher price. While the price is sometimes justified, this usually isn’t the case, especially when it comes to some “luxury” products. Price is not always an indicator of quality, so instead of splurging on a branded item, opt for a lesser-known brand that produces quality garments. Forego the price tag and look at the label that specifies the materials used to make that particular clothing piece. When you invest in quality garments you feel good in, it boosts your confidence, not to mention the amount of money you can save by foregoing luxury labels.

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Forego the standard sizing and look for a good fit

Another misconception many of us have when it comes to shopping for clothes is that you always have to look for one particular size. The truth is, manufacturers often use different measurements to label their garments. The sizing guides fluctuate from brand to brand, which is why you should forego the sizing and labels and just go with what fits you best. Sometimes we might think we wear one particular size but, as we all know, bodies come in different shapes. Therefore, something that works for one person may not work for others, even though they technically wear the same size. As long as it fits you, the size of the clothes doesn’t matter. It’s better to size up and feel comfortable and confident than to go a size smaller and wear garments that feel uncomfortable or look unflattering as this will only create unnecessary stress.

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Equip your wardrobe with staples you can wear on a daily basis

There’s been a rise in the notion of a capsule wardrobe over the past couple of years, and it’s easy to see why. Relying on versatile, quality pieces you can use to create multiple combinations is a great way to escape that decision fatigue, and it also saves you a load of money. A quality jumpsuit is a wardrobe staple you can wear on different occasions. Whether you prefer floral prints, stripes or solid-colored one-pieces, it’s a garment that will keep you looking stylish and effortlessly chic year-round. Other than rompers and playsuits, you should also stock up on denim jeans, simple tees, and neutral booties and sneakers. Don’t forget the motorcycle jackets and black skinny jeans either!

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Use accessories to spice up your look

The thing about accessories is that they make the outfit feel complete. They act like finishing touches, resulting in a polished, put-together look and are the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style and taste. Dazzle up your outfit with a pair of sparkly, dangling earrings, emphasize your femininity with floral print, or put on a floppy hat to add some drama to your ensemble. However, don’t go overboard with accessories, either. In the words of a fashion icon herself, Coco Chanel: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

Take some time to develop your signature style

Everyone is different and unique in their own special way, and while many of us may feel like there’s nothing extraordinary about their personal style, there is always something that sets us apart from other people. If you’re someone who loves bold colors, a great way to utilize this is to always add a bold punch to your outfit, whether it’s through makeup, accessories, or clothes. On the other hand, if you’re attracted to darker hues, rely on different tools to translate this to your personal style. Whichever option you prefer, take some time to figure out your signature look. After a while, people will start to associate you with that particular look, which will only make you more authentic and recognizable.

Our style is an extension of our personality, and when we put some thought in the clothes we put on our bodies, it can boost our confidence and do wonders for our self-esteem. By following these five tips, you’re sure to develop a sense of style that is unique and build a practical wardrobe that will allow for less closet micromanagement and let you focus more on the beauty of everyday living.

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