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5 Rules of Colorful Decorating You Must Check Out!

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While deciding on home décor; the choices are many and often it leads to confusing outcomes because you were unable to decide which options to choose from and which ones you should let go. The end results can be drastic and irreversible at times as well.

Home décor is a vast and detailed term which involves even the tiniest of details ranging from wall décor to bedroom accessories, from lights to furniture and much more. Therefore, you can easily get confused and might end up making wrong decisions and spending more than you actually planned for.

So, what are the basic tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to home décor? Here are the 5 rules that you should check out for colorful home décor of your choice.

  1. Choosing The Colors:

Now that’s the first and foremost step that you should take while opting for colorful home decoration. Now there are so many colors to choose from, here’s the basic tip! Choose the colors that look most appealing to you.

Be it bold colors or light shades, if they appeal to your eyes then just go for them. It’s also recommended to check the colors out in rooms or places where they are already applied.

  1. Select A Color Palette:

You got to build a color palette to get a clear picture of the colored patterns and schemes as per your rooms. A balanced color palette will have a primary color scheme and a secondary color scheme in addition to an accent color scheme as well.

Follow the rule of 60:30:10 as per the sequence. 60 percent should be the primary color, 30 percent secondary and accent color should only be 10 percent of that palette.

  1. Colors Allocation:

Not every color can be incorporated everywhere we want it to be when it comes to home décor. Therefore, it is very important to properly allocate the colors as per the overall ambiance and mood of the room.

For instance, dark colors can be allocated to the living room and kitchen but not to bedrooms and bathrooms. Similarly, light shades can be allocated to bedrooms and dining rooms but not to living rooms. So, make sure that the colors are allocated well.

  1. Black And White Shades:

Choosing the black and white shades to decorate any room in your home is always considered to be a safe bet. Since these two colors can never go out of style and they can be mixed and matched with any other color schemes as well; they are a preferred choice for all the home décor lovers out there.

You can either apply both of them in contrast to each other to with any other shades you like.

  1. Contrasting Colors:

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different contrasts of colored patterns. You can either blend a blue shade with orange in your living room to make it look brighter or you can mix a light shade of green with beige in your bedroom to give it a more sober appearance.

Moreover, you can always match the wall colors with the bedding sets and sofa sets to give them a more aesthetically sound outlook.

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