5 Reasons to Cook With Seafood More

Want to make a difference this year? One simple change you can make right in your own kitchen is to eat more seafood. Read on to find out more. 

Health benefits

There’s a reason that fish is known as ‘brain food’. Not only is it good for your body, but for your mind too- studies have shown eating more seafood can alleviate conditions like depression. Fish tends to be low fat, high protein and chock full of essential vitamins and nutrients that support just about all areas of the body’s health. 

Animal welfare reasons

Admittedly, all life is important and for some people the idea of eating any meat or fish is unacceptable and veganism is something that suits them. However, if you can’t or don’t want to go completely vegan or vegetarian then going pescetarian is something that might sit better with you. It’s not to say that fish are ‘worth’ any less than other animals, but since they don’t have nervous systems to feel pain in the same way or as much awareness as some other creatures, it could be considered as being less cruel. 

Reduce your carbon footprint

Along with animal welfare concerns, one of the main issues with eating meat is the environmental impact that it has. Factory farms that use a lot of resources (from water to fossil fuels) and the toxic waste they produce can be really problematic. In comparison, seafood is much more sustainable although it does depend on what you’re eating. Where possible, choose fish that are locally sourced and seasonal. 


One of the main reasons lots of people enjoy seafood is because of the taste! From very ‘fishy’ and rich tasting fish such as mackerel and sardines to those much milder in flavor like cod and other white fish, there’s something for everyone. You have everything from sushi to oysters to prawns, there’s a massive variety all of which can be enjoyed in different ways. Always be sure to buy your fish very fresh, ideally the day or the day before you plan on eating it. Frozen fish is also a good option if you don’t want to keep running out to the store, as it keeps its flavor and is ready to be used whenever you want it. 

Quick and simple

Unlike hunks of meat that can take hours to roast or slow cook, fish cooks very quickly meaning it’s quick and simple ‘fast food’. This recipe from, for example, takes just fifteen minutes, something that all of us could manage even after a busy day at work. Seafood doesn’t tend to need a ton of herbs, spices or other ingredients to make it taste good, often a squeeze of lemon with some salt and pepper and a simple side is all you need. People can be nervous when cooking fish for the first time as it is quite delicate, but it’s so worth giving it a try. You’ll quickly pick up the knack, and will never need to reach for a rubbish frozen microwave meals again when you want food fast!

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