5 Best Valentine’s Day Destinations for Gay Couples

Peter Minkoff
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Unless you’re planning this year’s Valentine’s Day date in a nice and romantic restaurant (which you probably do every single year), then it’s time to spice things up a notch and visit a new, exotic and interesting destination only with your bae. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get cheap tickets and go for a weekend getaway in the middle of February. If you happen to have days off, or can actually make it happen – here are 5 best options to choose from. , In case you have no idea where to go, pick one of these and you won’t regret it:

1. France

Even though it is a bit of a cliché destination, especially for Valentine’s Day, Paris in France is indeed one of the most amazing and romantic ones that you could choose from. After all, why would you avoid this destination only because it’s crowded with tourists, especially if you haven’t been to France before? What is also quite important is that the local gay community enjoys all the gay rights, which makes this destination even more appropriate for your Valentine’s Day. You can find one of several gay-only hotels there (if this is something you are interested in). Go visit the Eiffel tower, eat pastry in one its many boulangeries, drink some fine champagne – all of these activities and romantic places will definitely be much more overwhelming with your loved one by your side.

2. Singapore


If you happen to have a week off, or there’s a possibility to ask for it, you should visit some distant destinations that are extremely popular at the moment. One such is Singapore, a place which is completely different from any place you’ve visited before. It’s a touristic destination that’s still on the rise, so it would be excellent to check it out first for this year’s VD. Make sure to browse through the hotel offers in Singapore in order to get the best deal, though one thing is certain – you will be in love with every hotel as each one is different in its own way. And such is the place – you can find anything you want, try the most amazing and bizarre food and simply enjoy in a culture that couldn’t be more different from yours.

3. Thailand

Another distant destination that’s worth checking out if you have some time off is definitely Thailand. Even though it’s distant, going there doesn’t have to be expensive – you are able to find cheap tickets, and you won’t spend a lot of money on the accommodation and food if you want an authentic experience. This is by far the most gay-friendly country in Asia, which makes it a great destination this February. Not only that, but the best months to visit this spectacular country are between November and April – so there you go! This is the sign you’ve been looking for! Make sure to visit Bangkok, Koh Samui or Phuket; each one is incredible in its own way, so choose whichever you want.

4. Italy


In case you’ve seen Call Me By Your Name and you want to relive the adventures of Oliver and Elio, then you can hit Italy and have the most amazing road trip. Contrary to popular belief of being a conservative country, the local gay communities are rather protected by the majority of the LGBTQ rights. Since this is a spectacular country, going and visiting only one place is not that much recommended, so if you’re up for a road trip, make sure to visit Tuscany and all the charming small Italian villages on the way.

5. Iceland

Finally, why not have Iceland as one of the potential destinations? This is the ideal destination for all gay couples who love the countryside, cold weather and authentic experiences. Even though Iceland is very friendly towards LGBTQ members, the local gay community in the country is a bit under-developed. But that shouldn’t discourage you to go and see some of the most amazing panoramas and views, and if you choose February as the month to go there, you will even have the option of soaking in some of its hot springs. It will be a really memorable experience, as the hot spa is in perfect opposition to the surrounding icy landscape.

Choosing any country to go to with your loved one is a great idea for this year’s Valentine’s Day. However, if you really want something unique and interesting, or you cannot make a decision, choose any from this list, and you won’t regret it one bit. Have a great day, and a safe trip!

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