5 Airbnb Essentials for a Great Guest Experience

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 3 Min Read

Most people want to find a unique and special place to stay when traveling. If you can provide a professional, warm, and well-kept space, you will get the best reviews, leading to better rankings and more people staying at your Airbnb. To create a unique space, these are five Airbnb essentials for a great guest experience that you need to consider.

Fully Furnished Kitchen

One of the perks of staying at an Airbnb is that it gives you the option to cook your meals and save money on food. Eating out is nice, especially when traveling to another state or country, but having the opportunity to save money and cook is better.

Make sure that your kitchen is fully equipped with the basics like a fridge, microwave, stovetop, and kitchenware.

Wi-Fi Connection

Now that working remotely is popular and efficient, people are looking for a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection to work from anywhere in the world. Providing this service will allow your guests to get their work done for the day so they can enjoy the different activities each city has to offer.

A good Wi-Fi connection is a deal-breaker for some people, so make sure you stay on top of that if you want favorable reviews.

Relaxation Elements

You can add original and relaxing elements around the place to create unique spaces. For example, adding a porch swing will invite guests to sit down and enjoy a fabulous view. A hammock in the backyard is ideal in warm-weather locations, and hot tubs are a relaxing option in cooler climates. Any of these amenities can add value to your guests’ stay.

Bathroom Towels and Essentials

These are common items that people forget or don’t think about when traveling. Bathroom towels take up a lot of room inside luggage, and people would much rather take clothes and shoes. Providing clean bathroom towels and essentials like shampoo and soap elevates your Airbnb guest experience to another level that lets your guests know you care.

Washer and Dryer

If you rent your space for long periods, it is important to provide guests with cleaning options, not just for their clothing but also for sheets and pillow covers. When people travel, they need to limit the amount of clothing they take. By providing a washer and dryer, you ensure that their stay will be the freshest and most pleasant.

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