Safety Tips for Using a Hand Auger in Construction

Written by Felicia Priedel

Having a manual or gas-powered hand auger available while on the construction site, minimizes the effort workers have to put into drilling holes for fence posts, trees, or signs. However, this device requires some safety tips to use properly. Train your employees about things to look for in a high-quality augur to avoid injuries or damage.

Wear Appropriate PPE

The first safety aspect on a construction site is wearing the appropriate PPE. This means safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, and steel-toed boots will protect you on the job. Debris can fly up when using an auger, so this gear will protect you from injuries.

Verify Where Power, Sewer, and Utility Lines Are

You should never blindly dig at the job site; you could hit a power, sewer, or utility line. Have a professional come out to the job site and mark the areas of the property where these lines run through. Hitting any of these underground lines will cause a hefty sum of damage that could set back the project timeline.

Clear Hazardous Materials From the Construction Site

If there are any hazardous materials or debris around the site, clear them before starting the auger. You want to remove these variables before beginning the work so that no sudden injuries happen. Additionally, hard rocks and large debris can damage the equipment.

Use Your Legs, Not Your Back

Lastly, using a hand auger on a construction site means practicing ergonomics. When lifting the equipment out of the hole or moving the materials the device displaces, you must lift with your legs, and not your back. If you are not conscious of how you lift, it can cause severe back problems in the future—all of which are avoidable.

Safety is a huge priority when working on any type of construction project; take precautions when using equipment like an auger. Understand the manufacturer’s instructions for using the machine, and only use it in appropriate scenarios. Never push the auger to do something it cannot, or you’ll risk unnecessary injuries and damage.

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