10 Effective Tips on How To Make Your Small Apartment Cozy and Comfortable

10 Effective Tips on How To Make Your Small Apartment Cozy and Comfortable

Amelia Grant
Amelia Grant
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If you have a small apartment, it doesn’t mean that it should be crowded and uncomfortable. The reality is that you can turn your home into the coziest place on your own. But it is important to know exactly what can help and what can do more harm than good. In this article, we have gathered 10 effective tips on how to make your small apartment cozy and comfortable.

1. Free the space

Clutter can easily spoil the interior of any apartment, not just small ones. But the main thing is that in small rooms, scattered things cannot be disguised with anything. That’s why the first and fundamental rule of comfort is to clean your appointment and free the space. Find the place for each thing and take care of decorative storage systems like boxes or baskets. They are convenient for storing important little things. You can also arrange things and accessories beautifully on open shelves and they can look like the decoration of the room.

2. Paint your walls with some color

If you think that your apartment looks uncomfortable due to the abundance of white and neutral shades, you can experiment with the color of the walls. In a small size apartment, you can and should make colored walls. Don’t be afraid, they don’t always visually “steal” space. It is better to use cold shades (if you paint all the walls in the room) or bright ones for accent walls. But you should also know that in some cases, the dark finish even adds depth to the interior.

3. Make sure that the color of the walls and floor are in harmony

Another possible option why your apartment seems uncomfortable is that the shades of the walls and floor simply don’t match with each other. You don’t have to be limited to wood-like tiles or laminate. This means that you can even make a bright floor for example, in the kitchen or hallway. You can use geometric patterns, patchwork tiles, or multicolored hexagons that are quite trendy last year for floor decoration.

4. Create storage systems

A bulky closet in a small apartment makes it uncomfortable. But there is no need to refuse a spacious storage system since it is very important to have a place where you can store all the needed things. You can also make a built-in structure or separate space for a small dressing room. This can help you optimize the space and the large closet will not stand out.

5. Add a lot of proper light

Sufficient light can make almost every apartment look comfortable. How can you feel comfortable in the dark or dim light? Or vice versa, when it is too bright in the room, it can be almost impossible to relax. To make the light really add comfort, imagine your everyday routine (for example, where you read or where your creative corner will be) and choose the correct light.

In the kitchen, bathroom, and living rooms it is better to provide several “levels” of light:

  • Ceiling general light
  • Floor lamps
  • Directed light in the bathroom above the mirror
  • Directed light above the dressing table in the bedroom

6. Choose furniture that matches the size of the room

Don’t try to put a three-seater sofa in a small room because it will look out of place and will definitely not contribute to comfort. You should understand that large furniture can also grab a lot of necessary space in the room. It is extremely important to choose the appropriate furniture for a small apartment. Additionally, some designers claim that furniture that is 1/3 of the ceiling height visually enlarges the room.

7. Add textiles

Textiles tend to be the easiest way to add coziness to a small apartment. The main thing is that textiles are associated with comfort, softness, and beauty. Hang the curtains (preferably on a high cornice, this will visually increase the height of the ceiling), throw a soft blanket on the sofa, and buy a variety of pillow covers. This will help your cold apartment turn into a cozy home immediately.

8. Make a special living area

It is quite possible to find a place for a living area even in a standard one-room apartment. A separate place for rest with friends and relaxing with a loved one or family will definitely add comfort to your small apartment. You can put a small sofa, a few chairs, and a tiny table for tea near the window or electric fireplace.

9. Insulate the balcony and make a relaxing area or home office there

If you have a balcony, you shouldn’t waste such a space since you can make the most of it. You don’t have to agree on the redevelopment of the apartment and combine the balcony with the room. You can replace windows, insulate the walls, and organize a relaxation or working zone there.

10. Hang up small posters or paintings

You don’t need to leave the walls empty to visually enlarge your apartment since relevant paintings and posters will help make the interior more interesting. You can choose pictures of your favorite places or paintings that will match the style of your room. You can also make a composition from the family archive and place it on the wall.

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