XOHA Makes Powerful Debut on “Outsider”

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Pop singer/songwriter XOHA is using her talents for the greater good. XOHA has just released her first ever single “Outsider”, and the message of the song is no easy topic. “‘

Outsider’ is a passion project intended to shed light on the inequitable opportunities in America, despite the glamourized ideology of the American Dream,” XOHA explains. The single encourages open-minded thinking, equality for all, and a realistic perspective on American culture and society, something the country is in dire need of. XOHA does an incredible job of informing the audience from her perspective of what she has seen and experienced firsthand when it comes to inequality in the United States. Listening to “Outsider” offers both a reflection and discussion to be had among its audience. 

“So many hardworking individuals are born into minority communities or come to America with the simple hope of creating a better future for themselves,” XOHA elaborates. “Instead, they face unfair hardships embedded within institutions built on the foundations of prejudiced practices.” With this single, XOHA boldly and successfully paints the picture of who she is, what she represents, and how she wishes to be known as an artist. The concept of such a young, passionate artist bringing topics like this to life is both refreshing and enlightening.

Listen to “Outsider” here and keep up with XOHA on her Instagram @XOHAmusic

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