Why We Feel Shy About Asking For Help

Have you ever wondered why it just feels natural to be shy about asking for help? Even when we know we need it, we tend to shun it away. For some reason, we find it’s the proper thing to do. This goes back thousands of years, deep in our psyche. If we dare to ask for help, we’re afraid of being rejected. In the very early years of human groups such as tribes, you had to show your worth before you asked others to help you. Only when they saw you were worth their time, would they offer to support you in some way. That line of thinking still exists today. But things have changed, we have civilization and we know more than ever before about our psyche. There are many areas in which we need help but find it easier to say no when we should be accepting of others helping us. 

Your professional competence

Modern businesses will always have an HR department. They are there for many reasons, but overall they are supposed to work with employees in a manner that would mitigate risk for the employer. In other words, they want to support employees in a way that would benefit the company somehow. If you’re struggling with your role, you can and should ask for help from the HR department. They will sit down with you and talk about your concerns and make a plan for things you feel you need to improve on. Perhaps some new software or electronic device has been introduced into the workplace and people in your role need to be competent with it to stay in their position. Don’t feel shy about asking for help, because the employer would rather have you be competent and proficient in your role. Asking for help doesn’t single you out as someone who shouldn’t be where they are.

When substances grab hold

In our lives, we choose some routes of escapism. It’s a fact of modern life, that we like to be whisked away from our lives and transported into another realm where we can live as something or someone else. Video games, movies, theater, alcohol, and drugs are all forms of escapism. However, as you can see, some are more harmful than others. If you do suffer from substance abuse, then don’t be shy to ask for a drug intervention by a specialist healthcare team. They offer their patients different kinds of substance abuse therapies. They have a dedicated addiction center as well as healthcare professionals in the mental health field. Their treatments are designed around you, as each case is different. 

Silly little things

Our reluctance to accept help even comes in the form of silly little things. When we have a tire puncture and we’re by the side of the road and someone offers to help you, we act like everything’s under control when we know it’s not. Sometimes we have to just accept the kind help of a stranger so we go about our day without the added stress.

Not to say that we should always ask for help as that would lead to codependency. However, you should accept help more often and not be shy to admit you need it. 

Why We Feel Shy About Asking For Help

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