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Why San Antonio is an Amazing LGBT Vacation

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For decades, people across the country – indeed, all over the world – have hardly thought of Texas as an LGBT-friendly state. And, in many respects, it’s hardly an inaccurate belief.

The LGBT community in Texas often goes through a lot more trouble than the communities in other states do. The hardline Southern Conservative imagery is often overplayed when people talk about Texas. Things are changing for the better. But there are definitely difficulties that need to be overcome. (Then again, where isn’t there?)

This often results in members of the LGBT community to think twice about visiting the state. This is a shame in and of itself, but it’s also a shame because Texas is filled with such incredible vacation opportunities. It’s one of the most culturally-rich and diverse landscapes in the country. Why should anyone miss out?

But here’s something you should keep in mind. Texas is a big state. You could fit all of the United Kingdom and Germany in it, with room left over for several other European territories! And in all this space there are actually many places that are LGBT-friendly. Indeed, its second-most populous city, San Antonio, is an incredible LGBT location. It’s filled with amazing locations, events, and LGBT-owned businesses. Here’s a quick rundown of what you should consider!

The San Antonio PRIDE Bigger Than Texas Parade and Festival

Now more than ever it’s important to get out there and take pride in who you are and who you love. In a few weeks, on July 4, the PRIDE Bigger Than Texas Parade and Festival will be taking place in Crockett Park.



People flock from several neighboring states to join in this momentous event. People often come in large groups, with family and friends also joining. If you’re bringing a particularly large group, you may want to consider charter bus rental in San Antonio. It will be much easier to get around!

The San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce has your back

The San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce supports LGBT businesses and tourism across the city. It works closely with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in Washington to achieve this effectively. They work day and night to ensure legal protection and proper funding for the community.

If you ever find yourself stuck in San Antonio, for things to do or places to stay, visit their website. They had a database filled with safe locations and amazing entertainment. They can also keep you up-to-date with any big events occurring in the area, so it’s worth checking out even while you’re outside of the city!

The nightlife is incredible

Could a city ever be called a good LGBT destination if it didn’t have a rich nightlife to enjoy? (Clue: the answer is “hell no”.) Thankfully, San Antonio is more than covered in this department.

The city is loaded with great LGBT clubs and pubs. The vast majority of them are very inclusive. They make for perfect places to bring any straight, cisgender friends who have come with you for support. There are a few places to prefer to keep it exclusive, though. Make sure you read up on each place before heading out!

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