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Why Invest in a Luxury Timepiece

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The function of a timepiece goes far beyond telling the time – it is a mirror into a man’s personality, his status and his character. Your taste in watches has the ability to give away so much about your life, your interests and basically, who you are. Caught in the midst of a generation who rely on their smartphone to tell the time, a man who recognises the value of investing in a luxury timepiece instantly stands out as a gentleman with a no-nonsense personality and refined taste. Luxury timepieces make a strong statement about your polished sense of style and appreciation for all things good.

Any conversation about luxury in timekeeping would remain incomplete without talking about Rolex – the one and only king of the watch world. Men occupying positions of high status and power have chosen Rolex as their companion of choice over more than a century of its existence. Apart from being known for their unique aesthetic appeal, luxury watches like Rolex retain their value over time, making them a sound investment in the future. A Rolex timepiece can be treasured and passed over generations, making for an irreplaceable heirloom. Over the years, there are sentiments, hopes and values that get attached to it, further adding to its emotional value. Trust-worthy Rolex retailers such as Ethos Watch Boutiques have proved time and again that investing in a Rolex is always a good idea – it’s reliable, exquisite and unmatched.

Now that we’ve established why you must invest in a luxury timepiece, here’s looking at top 3 Rolex watches you should consider:


  1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona


Introduced in 1963, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was originally designed to meet the needs of professional race-car drivers. Known for its highly reliable and accurate chronograph, the Daytona allows the driver to measure average speeds up to 400 km / per hour. Today, drivers and common men alike appreciate the model for its high performance and dependable form. It is fashioned from highest quality 18ct gold alloy, made meticulously using state-of-the art technology and purest metals. The model features a unique mother-of-pearl dial and an arrangement of carefully selected diamonds. The oyster bracelet with its broad, three-piece links is a signature feature found in numerous Rolex watches. No matter whether you’re a professional driver or not, buy Rolex Daytona for your passion for speed and precision.

  1. Rolex Submariner Date


If you’re looking for a timepiece that is guaranteed to catch eyeballs, this is the one. The Rolex Submariner Date is considered an iconic timekeeper, on account of its robust, functional yet trendy design. It boasts of a vibrant blue dial with hour markers made of 18ct gold to prevent any form of tarnish or discolour. The awe-inspiring timepiece is equipped with caliber 3135 movement, a self-winding mechanical movement developed exclusively by Rolex. The Submariner Date is also popular for its unidirectional, rotatable Cerachrom bezel – not only is it corrosion resistant, it’s virtually scratch proof. The latest model of the Submariner is in harmony to the original model launched in 1953.

  1. Rolex Milgauss


A first of its kind in the timekeeping industry, the Rolex Milgauss is a highly reliable yet chic wristwatch, innovative in its highly efficient shielding system to ensure resistance against magnetic forces. The model features 904L stainless steel, which is usually put to use in aerospace, chemical and high technology industries where resistance to corrosion is a top priority. 904L steel remains its beautiful best even in the most harsh and rugged conditions. Attention to detail is evident in the use of 3131 mechanical movement, a certified Swiss chronometer, patented for its extraordinary resistance to magnetic fields. The exceptional functional abilities of the watch are matched with its unique design. The Z-Blue dial and the green sapphire crystal is a match unseen in any other wristwatch, making it a definite eye catcher.

With immaculate workmanship, state-of-the-art technology and luxury oozing in every inch, Rolex watches are guaranteed to stand out wherever they’re placed. The skilled expertise and inherent value behind these pieces make them worth every single penny, going above and beyond to justify your investment.


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