What You Need to Know About Fitness Stacks

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Fitness stacks, also known as supplement stacks, are combinations of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that are designed to help optimize your workout performance. They aren’t a replacement for a good diet, but they can help before, during, and after your training session.

What is a Supplement Stack?

Supplement stacks are grouped vitamins and minerals that aim to give you a better workout by enhancing performance. Athleticstore.org offers expert stacks that include whey protein, creatine, and probiotics. Common minerals found in a supplement stack include zinc, magnesium, and iron. Popular vitamins include vitamin D, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. Other ingredients used in stacks for performance include caffeine, melatonin, and L-glutamine.

Pre-Training Stacks

A pre-workout stack aims to provide you with a boost of energy for getting off to a good start. Therefore, it is common to use stimulants in a pre-workout stack. These often include caffeine, creatine, and whey powder for protein. However, care must be taken not to mix in too many stimulant ingredients, or you risk bad side effects. And at the very least, you will simply crash during your workout. But this is where a well-prepared intra-workout stack comes in handy.

Fitness Stacks During Training

You want to keep going as much as possible during your workout, and a pre-workout stack will only get you so far. To keep up the momentum and efficiency, you need a balanced intra-workout stack. These often contain chained amino acids (proteins) that work directly on your muscles as you train for enhanced cell repair and performance. You also need electrolytes from drinking coconut water. Popular ingredients include pink salt, magnesium, and calcium.

Your Post-Training Stack

After all the stresses placed on your body during training, you need replenishment. A good post-workout stack aims to soothe, restore, and heal your body and muscles. Ice and heat are great, but they only provide temporary relief. You need something that actively heals you. Again, you need plenty of protein as this will help muscle repair. Common ingredients to use as a source of high protein include whey, soy, and casein. Aim to use these within three hours.

The Pros and Cons of Stacks

There are pros and cons to just about everything when it comes to training, and stacks are no different. We are all different, and we will get varying results, but some common benefits are:

  • Increased immediate strength allows you to take a workout session head-on.
  • There are much quicker recovery times when you use a good post-workout stack.
  • Overall, improved and well-balanced nutrition.

Some of the risks associated with stacks include: 

  • Some combinations can cause dangerous overstimulation.
  • Blood pressure and kidney issues are known common side effects. 
  • Take a hit on your wallet because the costs can really add up over time.

You can begin with a relatively simple stack and work on them over time. This way, you can experiment with what works for you while making sure you don’t overspend unnecessarily.


A cocktail of vitamins and minerals for working out is known as fitness stacks. You can create one before you work, during a session, and for recovery. Each requires different ingredients that have a different effect. But the costs can add up very quickly, so be careful when you begin.

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