Watch Dawson Gamble’s “Get Myself Over You” Music Video

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Dawson Gamble is excited for you to hear his new single, “Get Myself Over You,” with its summer vibe and a bumping beat! Available now on all platforms.

Check out the music video — you’ll be surprised by the twist at the end.

"Get Myself Over You" Official Video

Stream & Download Get Myself Over You

It’s funny, the process of getting over somewhere. No matter what you’re doing during your day, there’s this one person who thoughts fall back to. It drove Gamble crazy that no distraction was enough to stop thinking about her, even knowing in the back of her mind she’s not the one. Chasing her for the sole reason that she wasn’t into him.

This type of relationship happens to everyone, all the time. We sometimes fall for the wrong person, knowing that they’re so bad for us or even out of our league. It’s okay to be lost while we’re younger because the right person will find us.

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