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Wall Décor Ideas To Refresh Your Home

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Since you are likely spending a good chunk of time in your house while public spaces are restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may want to update your interior spaces. An aspect of the home that will have a large impact when you change it is the walls’ appearance. This is because the walls are part of the room where the eyes naturally fall. To figure out how to go about improving them, apply these wall décor ideas to refresh your home.

Hang Up Large Art Pieces

A lot of people already have some picture frames, prints, and paintings on their walls. But those decorations you do have may be small, leaving the majority of the walls blank and unlively. If you intentionally hang up large art pieces, however, you can increase a wall’s energy and play to a theme that you want to create. For instance, you may want to convey a nautical attitude in your home. With a sizeable painting of a cape town or coastline that takes up a large section of the wall, you’ll create the cool yet cozy atmosphere you’re after with just one relatively easy action.

Install Unique Shelves

Why not make your walls more interesting and functional at the same time? For those who are all about using space to its greatest potential, installing unique shelves is a wall décor idea that will satisfyingly refresh your home. You can find shelves that you may nail into the walls in a plethora of shapes and sizes so that the items you arrange on them make a statement in themselves. Some shelves are made to look like diamonds, while others look like little multi-complex aggregations of cubes. Others bring storage spaces together within a circular outline. Whatever you choose, you’ll have the freedom to adorn your wall shelves with trinkets, plants, books, and anything else that will add to the design.

Apply Designer Wallpaper

Painting walls is a widespread method for giving them a makeover, but many forget that applying designer wallpaper is also a possibility. The strength of wallpaper is that you can attain much more intricate patterns than you would be able to make yourself without a lot of skill and time. Wallpaper can also bring in texture to your walls, as certain types have woven fibers that appear like the fabric you would see more commonly on the sofa or chairs. Whether you want geometry, traditionalism, elegance, or quirkiness, there is a wallpaper out there that your walls stand to gain from.

Wall Décor Ideas To Refresh Your Home

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