Violet Days Debuts New Single “Just A Little”

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Alternative pop artist Violet Days is proud to debut “Just A Little”, the second single off of her upcoming EP Made in My Head – out this summer. “Just a Little” is the followup release to “Somber”, featuring morgxn, which came out earlier last month.

Vocalist Lina Hansson defines her sound as synthpop style – a whimsical sound found at the point where electronic production meets pop music; Lina writes all of the music with her creative partner, producer Kris Eriksson. 

Violet Days’ early releases have racked up millions of plays on Spotify, with their first single, “Your Girl,” hitting over 13 million streams on that platform alone. Their official songwriting and production credits include collabs with Phoebe Ryan, Cash Cash, Shaun Frank and The Chainsmokers, whose hit song “Paris” they co-wrote. 

If you are in Los Angeles, you can catch Violet Days at “It’s a School Night” this Monday, May 7th, at Bardot in Hollywood. 

Violet Days - Somber (Acoustic) ft. morgxn

Stream “Somber ft. morgxn (Acoustic)” on Spotify here

Stream “Just A Little” here

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“Violet Days’ bright and ambitious musical style has drawn the attention of The Chainsmokers, of which they coincided writing on the track, “Paris.” We only anticipate that with such infectious sound, Violet Days will continue gaining traction with a fun synthpop style.” – Ones To Watch 

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.About Violet Days:

A collaborative project a few years in the making, Violet Days is the creative vision of lauded singer-songwriter/artist Lina Hansson and celebrated songwriter/producer Kris Eriksson. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Hansson and Eriksson have together made an indelible mark in the pop and electronic music worlds, having helped shape some of the biggest modern pop tracks of the last five years. Today, Lina steps from behind the scenes and into the spotlight as Violet Days with the release of their debut EP Made in My Head, which is produced in its entirety by Kris Eriksson and will be released in the summer 2018.

For Made in My Head, Violet Days weave together a dreamy soundscape found at the sonic intersection of electronic music production and pop. The lead single “Somber” perfectly encapsulates it all: The track is equal parts passion ballad and futuristic narrative as Lina lays her heart bare over a web of airy, rich synths while guest vocalist morgxn delivers powerful accompaniment. “Somber” contextualizes the shared search for love between everyday people, and the fear and baggage that comes with it, a running theme present across the EP. 

All combined, Made in My Head is a robust rainbow of sounds that guides today’s alternative pop movement into fresh artistic territory. It is the culmination of years of collaboration and experimentation shared between Lina and Kris. The two originally met five years ago in Sweden via mutual friends and fellow songwriters. They soon started playing and writing together. Today, that long-standing creative bond has evolved into Violet Days, the embodiment of their creative symbiosis: Lina, the conceptual lyricist, visionary songwriter, and bold singer, in harmony with Kris’ talents as a perfectionist producer with an ear for memorable melodies and hooks.

Their versatile songwriting and production approach, which they lovingly dub “alternative pop stories from Sweden,” is defined by Kris’ lush, layered compositions and Lina’s heartfelt lyrics and moving vocals. It’s their winning combination, paired with an inimitable style, which has seen them carve out a recognized sound and a venerable reputation of their own within the songwriting world. 

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