Transmasculine Latinx pop artist Jakk Fynn releases new video for “Heal”

NEW YORK, NY – March 4, 2020 – Pop artist Jakk Fynn (he/him), a transmasculine Latinx pop artist committed to redefining masculinity, today releases the song and video for “Heal.” This is the latest release from Jakk’s Cancelled, a 5-track EP of original, emotionally evocative dance pop music. Stream/download Cancelled here.

Jakk released a music video for his latest single “Heal,” an emotional pop track telling his story of rebuilding himself as his own person after an emotionally stifling relationship came to an end.

Jakk says of “Heal:” “The more I tried to change myself to be who I thought my partner wanted, the more we both lost ourselves. Not being true to yourself in a relationship can feel like suffocation, like death. ‘Heal’ is a chance to do just that—heal—by embracing the vulnerabilities that make me who I am.”


Cancelled includes Jakk’s previous singles “Fire” and “Special.”

About Jakk Fynn

Jakk Fynn

Jakk Fynn (he/him) is a transmasculine Latinx pop artist with pop-punk and post-hardcore musical roots who grew up and still resides in Southern California. Cancelled was released in February 2020.



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