Traits of a Reliable Shredding Company
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Traits of a Reliable Shredding Company

When you’re seeking the help of a professional shredder for your business, you have to be mindful of a few key traits to ensure the company is right for the job.

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In order to securely shred sensitive documents, businesses must partner with professional shredding companies. Unfortunately, some business owners might not know the signs to look for when shopping for these services. To put you on the right track, this guide will break down three of the most essential traits of a reliable shredding company.

Responsible Security Measures

First and foremost, any reliable shredder should prioritize the security of your data. The protocols for this begin at the hiring stage with extensive background checks and drug tests. Furthermore, during the actual transportation of your documents—particularly if you’re opting for off-site shredding—the company should provide you with locked storage containers to put them in.

After document destruction is complete, the shredder should provide you with a certificate of destruction. This document features vital information including but not limited to the chain of custody through which your documents securely traveled, the date they were officially destroyed, and where the destruction took place.

An effective way of clarifying whether or not a shredding company is reliable is visiting their website and searching for the NAID AAA certification label. Government agencies specifically need to partner with shredders that are GSA-approved.

Environmentally Friendly Protocols

Another one of the key traits of a reliable shredding company is how it handles data post-destruction. Whenever you’re discussing a partnership with a professional shredder, inquire about how it disposes of your destroyed materials. Any good shredder will dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. It might not seem that important, but environmentally friendly shredding has quite a few benefits that business owners simply shouldn’t ignore.

Ability To Work with Your Schedule

Most sensitive documents that need professional shredding have an expiration date when it comes to how long you can hang onto them. To ensure you’re not hanging onto those documents longer than you should be, it’s important to partner with a professional shredder that’s flexible enough to meet your scheduling needs.

The frequency with which offices must dispose of sensitive documents also varies from company to company. Some need it monthly, weekly, or daily. Whichever category you fall into, ask your shredding company if it can come when you need it to.

Traits of a Reliable Shredding Company
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