Toronto-based pop rock Ferraro shares upbeat track “Fool’s Paradise”

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Toronto-based pop rock sibling trio Ferraro –  guitarist Cosmo, bassist Tally and drummer Gianni (all three handle vocals) – is transforming a lifetime of experience into a well-oiled recording and performance machine as they rev up their career aspirations.

Ferraro’s (as yet untitled) EP and its “upbeat, fun songs that people are able to dance to” – as Gianni calls them – and “themes of love, relationships and partying”- as Cosmo labels them – will go a long way to establish the band as dynamic entertainers.

Seeing so many people, friends, being bogged down in a life they don’t particularly enjoy and craving some spontaneity was the inspiration behind the trio’s new single, “Fool’s Paradise.”

Check out the new lyric video for “Fool’s Paradise” below!

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