Tips for Taking Care of Your Wood Furniture at Home

Written by Felicia Priedel


Although wood is associated with problems like mold and warping, it can be a very strong furniture material. This begs the question, how do you ensure the wood furniture’s vulnerabilities don’t hinder your home? Wood furniture can look elegant for a long time, and the upkeep isn’t laborious, so use these tips for taking care of your wood furniture at home.

Mind Your Moisture Exposure

Rings left from glasses of water and other drinks leave a beautiful wooden table looking worn. Luckily, coasters are a long beloved solution to protect tables from moisture damage, and there’s a reason for that. Stock up on coasters at home to ensure no water, coffee, tea, soda, etc. leaves your wood furniture worn from moisture damage. That said, wooden furniture comes in various degrees of quality and protection.

You have many factors to consider when choosing solid wood dining tables, but it’s still critical to talk directly with your seller. Of course, the product listing may list defenses such as water protection, but speak directly with the manufacturer if you can’t find any solid details.

Speaking with the manufacturer is great for those who want to be proactive about wood furniture protection because they can learn precisely what their table can handle. You can inquire about finishes and more methods the manufacturer used or what they recommend using to boost the furniture’s life span.

Handle Heat With Caution

Another detail to discuss with the manufacturer, if you can’t find it in the product listing, is heat protection. This detail is critical because heat from hot plates of food, cups of coffee, and beyond can leave marks on the wooden surface that hinder its once stunning aesthetic. The aforementioned coasters can help you with placing hot beverages on furniture.

When it comes to hot plates, bowls, etc., use mats to prevent direct contact with the wooden surface. The tools for protecting your wood furniture are out there, so use them to your advantage whenever necessary.

Prioritize Safety & Stability

Our final tip for taking care of your wood furniture at home is applicable when setting up the piece in the first place. If your wood furniture is in a crowded or otherwise awkward position, then you or guests may bump into it consistently. These bumps can result in injuries as well as damage to the furniture if something falls or scrapes a nearby surface.

For instance, if your wood desk is close enough to the room’s door that you will brush up against it every time you use that door, then you should rethink your current layout. Don’t worry; finding the ideal arrangement and supporting your wood furniture’s long life span are only a few simple actions away.

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