Things to Consider When Designing a Vacation Rental House

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You can list your vacation home on several sites offering the service, but the thing that is going to make or break your earning potential is just how appealing your property will be to any prospective holidaymakers – that is, the design.

If you succeed, your vacation haven is going to become so popular you will have difficulties finding the period to use it yourself. For this reason, look at our suggestions as to what to keep in mind to create the ultimate rental home.

To the max

In short, there are a few factors you must take to the maximum level: the number of people, the view, and the sunlight.

First, to make the most profit, you must try to accommodate as many people as possible. The math is simple, so see how many rooms you can utilize as potential sleeping quarters. They needn’t be huge, though. As long as they are big enough to fit a queen-size bed, a small closet, and a tiny nightstand, they will attract prospective renters.

You’re building your rental home in an area that is surrounded by some amazing sights. Take a good look around and find which side of the house would have the best view. Now that you have spotted it, use it to the maximum! Install some large windows to capture most of the environment and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. An expert tip: the living room sofa should be facing the windows in question.

Everybody enjoys the sunshine. Consider how you can make the most of it and where you should position your living room and kitchen area. These rooms should get the lightest so that all the renters will be able to relish in the beauty of a sunny day even while they’re inside.

Money matters

Before we proceed, you have already anticipated decorating and designing is going to take a lot of time and money. Therefore, you need to choose the best way of funding for your situation. Needless to say, prior to starting any big venture, you should start saving as much as possible. Analyze your current situation and cut some costs – you don’t need to buy a new TV right now (although that could also go towards your home design). This will also increase your credit score should you opt for a house loan, so it’s a win-win situation.

In addition, if you’re thinking about taking out a loan for your perfect rental home, it’s advisable to compare different rates as your starting point and work from there. Different lenders offer different conditions (and perks), so try to find the one with the most suitable conditions for you. If you already have a home loan and find a lender that offers a lower interest rate, research your options for refinancing.  No matter where you might be, there are various companies that offer all sorts of information, along with useful tools and calculators that are often easy to use and crucially, free.

Room management

A rental house is a bit different compared to an ordinary home. You are now aware of the fact that you should have as many bedrooms as possible, and here are a couple more tips on how to organize the available space in the best way:

A mudroom is necessary – whether it’s a cottage in the mountains or a beach house, every rental need a hall which has enough space for leaving lots and lots of shoes and boots. So, make it spacious, and study some stylish mudroom designs.

The kitchen is crucial – a rental house is not a hotel; the guests usually cook every day, or they at least have one meal in. With that in mind, the kitchen should be large and practical enough for making delicious meals: lots of cabinets, a long counter, a big fridge, and so on.

A living room for everyone’s pleasure – this is where the company will be relaxing and chatting, so make sure there’s a nice distance between this part and the kitchen. As for the TV, it doesn’t even have to be in the living room (and must not take the attention away from the magnificent view).

Baths and beyond – ideally, these two should be separate entities. A rental home is a rental, after all, so you needn’t worry about creating some spa-like experience, as it is usually the case with ordinary homes. Your renters will much more appreciate the fact that there is more than one bathroom or toilet. Hence, get down to making small, but neat and functional bathrooms (and let’s not forget the all-important ensuite in the master bedroom).

Fine furniture

Before setting off to IKEA, think whether you would like this place to have a theme, and start shopping accordingly. The safest option would be to go for furniture in neutral hues, and then add splashes of colors here and there with some wall posters, blankets, or cushions.

Speaking of attention grabbers, it’s a great idea to have a centerpiece of some kind. An intricate coffee table, a cool chandelier, or a comfortable armchair. If you share your property on rental websites, make sure to take nice images. Potential renters will appreciate some stand out features.

Moreover, choose the furniture, which is extremely easy to maintain, i.e. made from durable materials that are easy to wash. To simplify things, go for slipcovers and you’ll always have a nice and neat home. As for the beds, the mattresses should be top quality, and the best linen shade is white. In case you must use bleach for stains, white linen will handle it best.

Start from the outside, think about the position of your home, dwell on the finances, and move on to the interior. If you apply our advice carefully, once you finish, the only problem would be letting others enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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