Themed Bedroom Ideas For Children

When we think about decorating our children’s bedrooms, we want them to have a pleasant, relaxing environment, and actually enjoy spending time there. But it can be a task to work out what theme to choose, especially where your child doesn’t Have a specific interest that you could work with. Many of us really enjoy having time to spend on decorating, but working out what exactly we are going to do is sometimes not a lot of fun. If you’re thinking of surprising your child with a new bedroom, then having all the ideas in place before you start is a good idea. Here are some of the ideas other people have used before now, that may inspire you and impress your child at the same time.

Toys/ gadgets

You may have seen some of the incredible gadget and toy-related bedroom themes that people have come up with before now, some TVs have been decorated to look like giant Nintendo switches, there and Lego walls, that look real, and even LOL doll themed rooms covered in pink glitter. Still, if you’re looking for some authentic memorabilia, then this X-Wing LEGO sets compared page will show you all the information about X-wing Lego sets and how it’s changed over the years. And sometimes, all it takes is to create a designated area for your child to display their favorite items and pick a few accessories to add a bit extra to this room.

Sports Team

Everyone will have an opinion on who the best sports team is, especially if you follow the sport closely, but finding the right color scheme and wallpaper et cetera can prove tricky, which is why the Internet is such a fantastic tool. We can logon to do a quick search and find exactly what we’re looking for within seconds. Taking the stress out of shopping for bedroom decor. Quite often, people will hire someone to paint a scene on the Child’s bedroom wall, and football team logos are popular among these designs. Many people also to soft furnishings that match the decor of the room. Duvet covers with sports personalities on them, and maybe a team logo, really go down well for big sports fans. 


Many children have a favorite movie, from Harry Potter to the nightmare before Christmas, it’s always interesting to see what favorites children have.  One trendy bedroom design is, in fact, Harry Potter, adding stars, a wand, and that beautiful burgundy color to a Child’s bedroom who loves Harry Potter can really make their day. There is also a lot to be said about feeling happy and comfortable in your bedroom, we must be able to relax, especially as children need more sleep than us. When it comes to children’s bedroom decoration, there are plenty of options and companies that are keen to ensure that we have choices. Superhero films are another Theme that runs through many bedroom decor options. There are some incredible designs that people have created surrounding Marvel characters, for example.

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Themed Bedroom Ideas For Children

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