The Ultimate Gym Style Guide for Men and Women

Let’s face it, whether you’re going for an effortless look or glam, our generation is obsessed with fashion. It doesn’t matter if it’s daily errands you’re running, everyday work, a date, a doctor’s appointment or even the gym, we and everyone around us pay a lot of attention to what we’re wearing.

So, for all of you who are preparing to enter the gym world for the first time as well as for those who have been pumping their muscles for some time already, keep the following tips in mind for a comfortable, stylish and sexy gym look!

1. Get the right shoes

Since comfort should be a priority, the best way to start is with shoes. Shoes are your essential items for a successful workout and the most eye-catching style component. The right sneakers to wear are the ones that can provide you with stability, control and cushioning. Nowadays, a great number of brands are providing all sorts of sports shoes. The safest option is to seek for a lightweight shoe, because they are, well, light; therefore allowing you to unobtrusively conduct any sort of exercise and prevent the excessive feet sweating.

2. Stick to neutrals

Rave color palettes are huge among sports brands nowadays, but you may want to reconsider those rainbow leggings when going shopping for the gym gear. No matter how good they can look on you when on a rave music festival, they won’t necessarily do the same in the gym room. Additionally, if your whole workout section of the wardrobe is within the spectrum of white to black, you never need to worry about matching items, giving you one less excuse not to be running late for hitting those weights.

3. Wear gym clothes which compliment your figure

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The mirror image of you sweating in those oversized joggers and a messy t-shirt won’t boost your confidence or get you going. If you’re a guy, look for a sleeveless shirt to accentuate your muscularity and for a girl, get one pair of the shape-flattering tights, and get ready to show off your hard-earned body shape. The compression garment is great for both your look and health since it’s made from different technical fibers to follow the lines of your body neatly and thus help boost the blood flow. Moreover, clothes that fit tightly around your skin help you show off the beautiful shape of your body, as well as remind you of all the flaws you want to work on.

4. Be authentic

There are hundreds of new, innovative fashionable sport brands, and the problem is that every new clothing line becomes over-saturated. If you want to avoid the obvious ones such as Nike and Adidas and be less uniformed, there are plenty of other ones, worth your time and money. After all those sweats and tears, your body seeks for an ideal outfit, which will stand out in the crowd of too well-known brands and designs.

5. Be visible

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Yes, we’ve said to keep things casual and stick to grayish color tones, but not to make yourself invisible. You definitely want to attract some looks while sweating out those calories and building up muscles. The best thing to do is get a stylish and colorful protein shaker bottle – because you can’t afford to hold a filthy bottle if you want to stand out. For an even better effect, bring the longest towel that is matching your shaker bottle. It’s practical and can help you clean yourself after an exhausting workout, as we all as give you that “professional gym-goer” look.

6. Stay tuned

Remove the cords. Buy yourself a decent pair of wireless in or over ear headphones. New headphones have fitness trackers and can be synced with coaching apps, too. Create a favorite playlist. Music is a major motivating factor – pay attention to Beats per Minute and the scientist recommend songs of 120 BPM. Some of the most famous ones are “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson as well as “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash. So, make yourself a favorite playlist and rock on with style!

And, although the gym should not be a red carpet, it still requires a certain dose of a stylish touch. After all, if we’re going to the gym in order to look good outside the gym, why not look good while working our way to it? Moreover, when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we’re ready to do what it takes to get that sexy beach body in no time.

Luke Douglas

Written by Luke Douglas

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