The success of the brilliant Indian celebrity and influencer Sakshi Chopra.

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There are many artists in the field who are making a difference with what they do, changing people’s lives and perspectives day by day. Sakshi Chopra is among the artists you need to know right now. As a singer and influencer, she is changing the game with her artistry and uniqueness, as well as being present in the modern, fast-paced society of fashion, music, and art. In this article, we will explore her background and the way her love for art has earned her success.


Sakshi Chopra is the daughter of film and television producer Meenakshi Sagar, and great-granddaughter of Dr. Ramanand Sagar Chopra, a late film, and TV director. The love of art, film, and music streams in the Sagar family. Sakshi Chopra decided to continue the Sagar legacy by taking it to another dimension, and by influencing people all over the world by utilizing social media and has dedicated her career to this promise.

Sakshi has an unmatched love for singing, which has become the highlight of her career. Sakshi began growing her community of supporters by sharing her covers of songs on her YouTube channel for years, a
platform that connects many incredible artists to people who are moved by their work. Her followers greatly appreciated her work and became invested in her social media presence. This led to her verification of Instagram and Snapchat accounts, in which she has over 500K followers and one million weekly views (on Snapchat).

Besides her work and continuous passion for art and singing, she has built a strong connection with her supporters. She has had to meet and greet sessions with her supporters, whom she calls “Cuties.” Sakshi has been welcomed to perform at many well-known places such as Aqaba, Little Door, etc. Sakshi has also performed at Hard Rock Café. That event was covered by Hindustan Times, which was a very successful event for her.

But it is important to mention that what sets Sakshi apart from the crowd is her uniqueness. She brings something else to the table; something from the depths of who she is, and that is how she has secured her success. She does not believe in faking anything or bringing in any element from the outside which may promote her work. Being sincere and true to herself is part of what showcases her exquisite skill in the arts because it drives her as an artist to create excellent work. Sakshi knows that her true skill and practice combined with her love for the art have been proven to be enough to create an appreciative community that supports her unique work.

Most recently, Sakshi Chopra starred in the 2021 Netflix Indian series “Social Currency.” It is a show about celebrities who must survive without the internet or any social media platforms for 21 days. Sakshi Chopra stars as herself and shows the important role of the internet in her life as well as the way she manages to continue her art and passion without it.

It shows how well social media can help people’s careers, as well as hinder their mental health. It is a successful show that was greatly appreciated in India, as Sakshi Chopra is widely known and loved across her homeland.

Apart from singing, Sakshi Chopra has also been recognized for her distinct and modern style. She has collaborated with many brands on social media platforms, advocating a true, unique sense of style for her followers. She has worked with Dolls Kill, Boxy Charm, On Fleek Box and Fashion Nova to name a few. She was also assigned a photoshoot by Balmain through New York Fashion Week which was shot in 2021. She has been continuing her presence in the fashion scene ever since and will announce future projects on her social media sites.

Sakshi has been influential in many ways, even if not on social media by itself. Her ability to share the art of song has led her to recognize it in other people as well; while she was in India, Sakshi was a chief guest at many college festivals and competitions. Then and there, she shared her opinion on the work that was presented at competitions, which gave others an insight into Sakshi’s ideas about art, music, and the future artists that share the love for singing. Judging Mithibai College’s singing competition, as well as their fashion show was among the first venues where Sakshi shared her perspective on the field. She also was a chief guest at Xaivers. Then, she went back to judging fashion shows at NMIMS, as a guest judge.

She also judged the singing and dance competitions at the National College in India. Sakshi Chopra has proved that an artist being themselves and following their true passion while practicing continuously promises success. Her openness to new projects has also led her to new places and platforms and gave others the opportunity to see art from her perspective. It is very important for artists to have such openness that will allow them to experience new things that will be assets in their future, and Sakshi is a great leader in this arena.

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