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The Rigs – World On Fire Album

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Comprised of TJ Stafford and Caitlin Parrott, The Rigs have been writing in collaboration since 2014, crafting a sound that is equal parts synth-pop and emotional alternative rock that possesses an addictive grit and attitude.  Immediately, their reverberating melodies and heightened lyrical stories connected with audiences and critics, garnering them placements on popular television series such as HBO’s True Blood, NBC’s Parenthood, and FreeForm’s Pretty Little Liars.

Their debut single off their new album, “Fall or Fly,” received a warm welcome from music critics and fans alike. The pulsating track is the perfect introduction to their progressive debut album, “World On Fire,” which positions them as a force to be reckoned in the alternative music scene.

Produced by Michael “SMIDI” Smith, who has written and produced songs that have sold over 14 million copies worldwide including multiple #1 songs and three top ten charting albums, “World On Fire” is a sound of its own. Known for his work with Kesha, Britney Spears, and Paramore; the dynamic producer understands the marriage of pop and rock in innovative new ways.  The Rigs and Smith came together in an incredible collaboration in which their unique and defining sound was born.

The album jolts alive with the carnivalistic opening track, “The Brave.” Intense from the very first moment, it launches into an explosive cacophony of instrumentation, building layers upon layers of sounds and experiences. Stafford’s howling vocals are full of attitude, while Parrott’s simmering alto creeps effortlessly through every chorus with precision. Things settle only slightly on the synthy pop-infused, “Runaway.” The vocally driven track features Parrott’s quintessential emotional vocals, which builds in intensity as the chorus rises in a haunting, piano-driven frenzy, only to fade out to a vocals-only question mark. The tension-filled “Fall or Fly” brings the two vocalists together in an electric performance that speaks to both of their strengths. As they honestly explore the end of a relationship, the track billows and catches fire in a slamming chorus ample with pounding beats and effervescent vocal harmonies.

The Rigs take listeners to another universe entirely on the dynamic, “The Hunted.”  It’s a full fledged experiment in sonic landscapes, from synth elements to reverb-infused instruments, you never know what to expect. Packed with a meteoric rise, it comes to an unexpected and impassioned ending. The addictive rhythm and stormy atmospheric sounds that makeup “White Flag” hits listeners right where it hurts. It’s a powerful track that taps into the desire to give in and give up when you can’t see any other way out. Parrott’s vocals cascade over the powerful arrangement, making for one meaningful punch in the gut.  The final track takes a step back from the hard-hitting synths and wild dissonance for a moment of pure reflection and grounding arrangements. With a slight tribal inspired chant burrowing beneath every chorus, it’s in this quieter album track that Stafford and Parrott tap into the magic of their collaboration, seamless vocals dripping with emotional integrity. “When We Were Young” is an unexpected moment on an album filled with surprises.


The Rigs debut album, “World On Fire,” out November 17th, 2017 released on Saint Rogue Records.

Track Listing

The Brave

Fault Line


Fall or Fly

Hunted (New single off the album) available on Soundcloud “The Hunted”

White Flag

World on Fire

When We Were Young

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