The No-SUV Guide to Outdoor Fun

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While SUVs — Sports Utility Vehicles – are a popular choice for people who want to make the most of outdoor adventures, they may not be suitable as an everyday vehicle depending on your situation. A lot of people choose trucks for work and finance-related reasons. Indeed, a truck offers not only higher engine performance but also additional towing functions. You can cover much larger distances with a truck because it’s a vehicle designed for long-distance and loaded trips. As such, it’s an ideal choice for professionals who need to be on the road and carry large equipment with them.

Unfortunately, there’s an odd debate that opposes SUV-drivers vs. truck drivers when it comes to outdoor holidaying. Contrary to common belief, you can have just as much, if not more, fun planning your offroading vacation with a truck. Here’s how to make it work:

Pimp your ride

Trucks are typically higher than most cars, including SUVs, which makes them a fantastic vehicle for mild offroading terrains. Additionally, you can transport much more offroading equipment in your truck than you’d be able to take with an SUV. If you’re going to turn your truck into an adventure ally, you may want to check aftermarket truck accessories to find a tonneau cover and protect your cargo. Another helpful modification is to upgrade your bumper. While you may not embrace a full offroading experience with a truck, you might come through unwelcoming areas before carrying on the rest of the journey on foot or a bicycle. As such, a sturdy bumper can avoid many issues!

Keep your athleisure wear on point

Ultimately, you need to dress the part if you’re planning a weekend in the great outdoors. Of course, you could pack your best active fashion in an SUV. However, with a truck, you’ve got much more cargo space to play with; as such, you can pack your favorite cute active styles. When you’re going to spend a lot of time outside, it’s helpful to have plenty of options. The weather can change rapidly throughout the day. As a rule of thumb, you need to pack the following items:

  • A pair of statement sneakers
  • Leggings
  • Bike shorts
  • A pair of functional shoes, for specific activities such as bike riding or hiking
  • A warm jumper
  • A weatherproof jacket
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses

You will find it helpful to have plenty of storage room in your vehicle, to make sure everybody can bring what they need.

Have your on-the-go food at the ready

Ready to spend hours exploring trails in the forest or by the local hill? Fantastic! Do make sure to keep a portable fridge in your truck during your outdoor adventure. You can use it to store healthy snacks that will replenish your energy levels during the day. Hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, hummus, Greek yogurt, and guacamole are nutritious and delicious. But they’re better fresh than melting in the sun at the bottom of your rucksack. Keep a few bottles of water as well in the cold box. You would be happy to have those when you’re back from a long walk in the sun!

Hiking or cycling?

If you’re going to spend time outside, you need to find a way of exploring your surroundings without your vehicle. While your truck can get you to the bottom of the mountain or the heart of a National Park, if you want to make the most of your experience, you’ll have to carry on foot. Are you a cyclist or a hiker? There is no right or wrong answer. If you are not confident on a bike, hiking is a safe option that lets you access a variety of trails without risking high-impact injuries. Pack a pair of hiking boots in your truck, and you’re good to go. If you prefer cycling, you can travel farther and gain a better overview of the local area. Depending on the size of your truck, you can easily pack your bikes inside the cargo area.

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Capture the memory

Last but not least, what makes an outdoor adventure unforgettable is the memory. If you need inspiration, you’ll find plenty of #offroad photos on Instagram to capture your imagination. Does offroad means SUVs? Instagram, the preferred platform for adventurers, reveals that the most successful offroading experiences come in all shapes. From motorbikes to vans, you’ll see that you don’t always need an SUV to leave the urban stress behind. So, pick the best spot and show the world where your truck is taking you this weekend!

It’s time to rebel against SUV domination. Truck drivers can get plenty of fun on outdoor adventures too. You’re more likely to have a blast as you can store everything you need in your truck for the perfect weekend away from the city.

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