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The Joys And Challenges Of Taking Your Furry Friend To Travel Along

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The first thing you need to know before buying a dog is that you’re about to get a new family member. In order to earn your pet’s respect and love, you need to treat him like an equal. Of course, that doesn’t mean he needs to be provided with all the things humans under your roof are provided with – dogs have a quite different needs and habits. But they have one thing in common with all the living beings – they don’t like to be alone. If you’re preparing for the trip, no matter if it’s a business one or a vacation, you should always consider bringing your furry friend along. You just need to make sure he’s ready for the trip and try to make his journey a pleasurable one.

Who let the dogs out

No matter how strongly you’re attached to your pet, some dogs sometimes need to stay at home. Especially if they’re wounded or sick, and you need to think twice if your pet is in the middle of pregnancy.  Don’t take your dog along at any cost – always ask yourself if he will enjoy the trip as much as you. There are issues like motion-sickness that will make your friend suffer during the journey. Also, some dogs can get really emotionally excited when their routine is interrupted and this kind usually doesn’t mind staying at home.

Second opinion

Although your dog may seem fine to you, before taking him on a trip you need to take him to his veterinarian for a complete check-up. It’s very important to make sure he’s healthy enough to go because sometimes you may not be aware of your pet’s special needs – maybe your dog is part of the breeds who can’t travel by plane because they have breathing difficulties. A visit to veterinarian has also a legal side because in most cases you need to have health certificate or a proof of vaccination that’s not older than ten days.

Means of transport

A car is always the best possible option when you’re taking your furry friend along mainly because you can decide when to take breaks. Traveling by plane is the trickiest way people usually avoid because it requires a lot of preparation. Flying can also cause a trauma for your pet, especially if he’s separated from his master. You can board him on a plane as a carry-on luggage so he can be with you in a small carrier, but he’ll need to remain under your seat during the whole flight. The other option is to take him as a check-in baggage where he’ll travel alone in his crate inside a pressurized baggage compartment where it can be really loud and make his flight a terrifying experience.

Home sweet home

If you decide to leave your dog behind, you need to make sure you leave him in the familiar and pleasant environment. If you can’t find the person who’ll take care of him at your place, try to find a place your dog will feel at home. If you need to leave him in a kennel or a doggy spa, you need to examine the accommodation options carefully – the number of toilet brakes, looks of the beds, quality of the food, etc.  This can take a lot of time, especially if you take the dog with you and need to find him a place in a foreign country for a day or two while you handle your business meetings or other obligations. You should always choose the best pet kennel in Perth or wherever it is that road takes you so that you can rest assured your pet has been taken care of properly. There he’ll be in a friendly environment under a professional care, so it will be like he’s on a vacation, too. Dog sitters are a fine option, but sometimes they can turn out to be even more expensive and not as professional as they say they are.

Sit, jump, play dead

When leaving your dog in somebody else’s care, you need to make sure the discipline will remain on the same level and that his habits wouldn’t change. While your friends can go easy on the cute little thing, true professionals will always know how to be strict and demand discipline without causing him pain or suffering. The same goes for you – even if you’re on the vacation you still need to keep up with your obligations toward your furry friend.

Guest Post by Leila Dorari – Freelance writer from Sydney. Passionate about self-growth through travel, cheap deals and living better lives by exploring as much of what Earth has to offer as possible.

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