The Importance of Cosmetic Labeling
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The Importance of Cosmetic Labeling

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Cosmetics are some of the most frequently used products each day. Every time you use cosmetics, you likely need to view the label to learn all the necessary information about using the product. There are several specific regulations the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforces when it comes to labeling cosmetics that are for very serious purposes. Learn the importance of cosmetic labeling by reading below.

Ingredients Lists Prove What’s in the Product

Cosmetics products use many different substances and chemicals, some that certain consumers could be sensitive or allergic to. Any consumer that is purchasing a cosmetic product is likely to look at the ingredients list. Beyond the consumer, it is also a legal requirement under those overseen by the FDA, that any cosmetic product making cosmetic claims needs to display an ingredients list on the product label. For example, if a skincare product claims to reduce acne or moisturize dry skin, the ingredient list needs to show what is being used in the product to prove what it claims is true. Not properly understanding laws about the ingredients list is one of the most common cosmetic labeling mistakes. Therefore, it’s important for companies to be sure they are constantly keeping up with FDA regulations.

Follows Legal Guidelines of the FDA

All cosmetic products are regulated by the FDA under the authority of both the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. These regulations were designed to protect the health of consumers from potential hazards or deceptive business practices. It’s important for any cosmetic company to follow all regulations accordingly. The disregard of any of these details like the identity statement, net quantity, name, and places of business can result in hefty legal consequences for a company.

Helps Inform Consumers of Product’s Intended Use

When it comes to the importance of cosmetic labeling, this is a huge thing to consider. It might seem like common sense that most people would know how to properly use the product they’re purchasing; however, consumers can misuse cosmetics quite often. This is why the FDA requires specific details to be displayed on a cosmetic label including the directions and list of ingredients, to name a few. There are also regulations such as stating the product name without any ingredients included. If one ingredient ends up being included in the product name, it can be considered misbranding, which is considered lying to the consumer. If one ingredient is listed with the product name, all other ingredients would have to adhere to FDA regulations.

The Importance of Cosmetic Labeling
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