The Hormone Clinic’s Dr. Rachel Jones Highlights the Pros and Cons of Bioidentical Hormones

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Hormones control several major factors in the human body. These include, though are not limited to, metabolism, growth, and development, both physical and mental. It also has a hand in controlling our moods and emotions. A drop in any hormone production within the body may lead to severe consequences if not treated properly. 

One such treatment is the usage of Bioidentical Hormones – natural hormones that are identical to the ones produced within the body. Despite being a medical breakthrough, they do have some negative factors attached to them. This is where Dr. Rachel Jones, founder of The Hormone Clinic, and an expert in Forensic and General Psychiatry comes in.

Dr. Jones has worked with patients suffering from mental health issues for many years. Her experience as a seasoned practitioner has informed her that many of these issues are caused by hormonal imbalances within the human body. This is why she began regulating the hormone levels of her patients with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT. 

Bioidentical Hormones are chemically identical to the hormones created by the body. They are typically made from neutral sources such as yam or soy, and are compounded in a laboratory to be an exact match to an individual’s body chemistry. They can be introduced to the body in various forms such as gels, patches, pills, and even creams.

Through BHRT, those suffering from mental illness due to hormonal imbalance can find great relief from their various symptoms. For example; women going through menopause can receive almost instant relief from symptoms such as severe anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, depression, and extreme mood swings. Men suffering from Testosterone deficiency and low mood are also regularly treated. 

However, there may be side effects to using this form of treatment, and though the risk is small, it is important to be aware of them. One of the potential risks of BHRT is breast cancer although research on the link between the two is uncertain. Female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone may play a role in the development or prevention of breast cancer. 

There is also ongoing research on whether treatment from Bioidentical Hormones can increase the risk of a stroke. Though there is evidence that suggests otherwise, there may be a link between Bioidentical Hormones, breast cancer, and strokes.

Ultimately, the effects of Bioidentical Hormones on the human body are complex and depend on several factors such as the medical history of a patient, their genetics, lifestyle, and the specific hormones used. It is important for patients looking to treat their conditions with Bioidentical Hormones to consult an expert and be honest about their medical history.

If you think you have a hormonal imbalance, then contact The Hormone Clinic and get a consultation with the experts working there.

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