The Frilled Short: Top Tips on What to Look for When Buying This Style

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The frilled short is an increasingly popular choice in the fashion world. This isn’t unsurprising given that they give you all the benefits of the mini-skirt, without the downside – i.e. flashing your underwear when you accidentally walk over an underground vent (looking at you Marilyn Monroe).

However, this choice of fashion is relatively difficult to pull off properly, and you need to understand the sorts of features that you should be looking for from such a pair of shorts. Today, we are going to help you to do this by providing you with some top tips of what to look for when buying frilled shorts.

The Length of the Shorts

This style of short is intended to be worn like a mini skirt, so it needs to be short. It should finish about three or four inches above the knees if you want to get the look right.

OK, so that means that your legs are on show, and you may have one of two problems here (although for some of you, these issues aren’t a problem):

  1. You might be unhappy with your legs.
  2. You might feel the cold.

Both of these issues have the same solution: wear a pair of tights. This is more than acceptable in winter, and it adds an element of fashion to your outfit. You can wear thick tights too. You can also wear control tights, which make your legs look firmer and more defined than they might otherwise look.

If you want your legs out, but you’re worried about the cold, instead of wearing tights, you can wear a long coat. In general, you’ll be wearing these shorts to the club, and once you’re inside, it will be warm – most clubs have the central heating on full blast during the winter, so you might actually feel more comfortable with your legs out than in a pair of tights.

The Colour of the Shorts

Without a doubt, this is a fun style of fashion, and that means that you can have fun with the colours you choose, especially during the festive period. If you’re unsure about whether or not to go for the bright colours, put your doubts behind you and go for it! It will create a lot of fun for the people around you and for you too.

frilled short

The Quality of the Shorts

It’s important that you go for a pair of high quality frilled shortsThey need to be robust, and the materials are often easily torn and badly stitched. However, if you go for a recognised brand and manufacture, then you can rest assured that your shorts won’t let you down at that awkward moment when you drop to the beat on the dancefloor.

We hope that you have found this article useful. This style of shorts is incredibly fun and definitely worth wearing at least once in a lifetime.

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