The Dinah Shore White Party – Palm Springs,CA

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Tonight was a fun night. Christen and I had never worked the red carpet before so there were some nerves.

We handled it like bosses though. We photographed some great pics for you. Beautiful women wearing beautiful things and speaking powerful words. We had a comedian come up to us and say, “How awkward is the red carpet?” Umm… extremely awkward, especially if it’s your first time. We fangirled for a good portion of the night just reveling in our experience. There was white everywhere. Everyone adhered to the dress code.

It was an eye opening amazing experience to work the red carpet for We truly reveled in the beauty of our lesbian counterparts. The white party showcased the epic beauty of our phenomenal women. We wore white but most importantly we were there. We were diverse, we were seen and heard, we were powerful and intersectional, we were brazenly women. We were everything that epitomizes the Dinah. #thedinah2015

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This article was written by Shanella Mcbeth for Divine Magazine.


Christina Perri Dana Goldberg


 Christina Perri and Mariah Hanson


Michelle C. Bonilla

Sarah Croce “Unicorn Planet” on the Red Carpet at Dinah Shore Weekend 2015

Dana Goldberg on the Red Carpet at Dinah Shore Weekend 2015 

Gloria Bigelow on the Red Carpet at Dinah Shore Weekend 2015

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