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Well we certainly had a good time. Anxiety, uncertainty and insecurity took a wayside at this advertised, publicized, epic event in Palm Springs, CA. The Dinah Shore 2015 weekend started off in a bit of a whisper tonight, with the opening touted as a “meet and greet” at the Hilton Hotel.

When my co-reporter Christen and I first arrived, we weren’t sure who we would meet. We weren’t sure if our attire was proper or if we had the right earrings on but after arriving and observing for the total of a minute or two it was clear that we had officially begun a weeklong journey of following and contributing to the vitality and vivaciousness of a movement that is powerful and monumental to the evolution of lesbianism.

As a bisexual female, I was honored to congregate with a force of such powerful women who only desired to lovingly interact with the objects of their desires. Beautiful women; intellectual and transcendent.

I witnessed women loving women; dancing with women; smiling and swaying with women; enjoying music with women and happily enjoying being a part of the Dinah. The female DJ’s were superb.

In the moment, while enjoying great company and gorgeous women from a variety of different continents, I wondered what the mayor of Indiana had against love. I witnessed women loving women and enjoying womankind. They laughed and danced with one another; portraying enchantment and vitality. Strength and interconnectivity.

I experienced a camaraderie that only the LGBT+ community could understand, while standing with a fluid alley. I lived tonight. I even danced with a trans woman named Hayden who promised to give me an interview on Friday, so stay tuned.

Tonight was just the beginning. There is a torrent of epic women willing to educate us all on the tribulations though affirmations of loving a female.

Welcome to the Dinah Shore 25th anniversary event.


Divine Magazine’s coverage of Club Skirts The Dinah 2015 have started.

Check out the video below from our reporters Shanella & Christen.



This article was written by Shanella Mcbeth for Divine Magazine

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