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The Dinah Shore Experience by Shanella Mcbeth

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I’ve been working on what I want to say to summarize my Dinah Shore experience

I thought about regurgitating what I’d already said about each of the days events. I was going to rehash how embracing and interesting the meet and greet was on Wednesday; talk about the bisexual trans woman I met that night named Hayden who exemplified feminine beauty and diversity and had a mean strut on the dancefloor. She also went on to hang out with us every night thereafter sharing with me her struggles with being trans while illuminating her courage and authenticity in the process.

I could talk about the opening night party at Zelda’s night club on Thursday but the only thing to report about that was that it was: hot hot hot. Just beautiful women dancing, loving and feeling empowered everywhere. Stimulating and entertaining indeed.

On Friday, it was hard to resist chatting it up at the meet and greet TGIDF pool party with the cast of LPhabet which was solidly followed by an electric performance by the rising duo Liz and Louie who make up the group ‘Holy Child’. This was also the night that Christina Perri performed at The White Party in addition to Ivy Levan, who I frankly had never heard about, but who rocked the stage nevertheless. I’ve quickly become a fan.

I thought about reviving Saturday. The Cabana Girl Pool Party is certainly worth mentioning again with the battle of the DJ’s and the all out five star performance by the iconic house music diva Crystal Waters. There will never be enough Gypsy Woman or 100% Pure Love. If that wasn’t epic enough, Meghan Trainor and Bebe Rexha just finalized the night in shear girl power fashion at the Palm Springs Convention Center’s Black Party.

To round out the event on Sunday, SheWired presented another high energy and entertaining Wet & Wild Pool Party at the Hilton Hotel which featured another battle of the DJ’s, an iconic performance by disco legends Rose Royce who featured their hit classic “Car Wash” and a spoken word Hip Hop/Rap performance by the notable E11even.

But what was more noteworthy, overall, was The Dinah Shore experience. The essence that’s hard to capture within a photo, or a video because it only lives in the air and the culture of The Dinah. It’s magical. You have to be there to experience its nature; it’s feel. You have to witness the acceptance, the beauty, the essence and the majesty of engaging among a forum of women who love women to understand the sheer power of diversity. We fight for LGBT+ rights because we believe that it’s the ethical and moral thing to do. But being a part of The Dinah helps us appreciate that it is also the natural thing to do. These women are not questionable abberations. They illustrate the diversity of humankind and there is no better place to celebrate that than Mariah Hanson’s The Dinah.



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