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The melancholy began to set in as The Dinah events were approaching a close; the ability to lose myself in its culture slowly waning as each day progressed

No more fun nights at The Dinah Shore events, no more special press privileges and feeling like a celebrity, no more Meghan Trainor on the red carpet, no more hanging out with the locals we met or our new international friends, no more The Dinah. The Dinah 2015’s closing day events were just as wonderfully entertaining as they were bittersweet.

The last day started with another (and you can never have too many) Wet & Wild Pool Party at the Hilton Hotel’s main pool. Jumpstarting all the fun was the epic Battle of the DJ’s where a host of fabulous female DJ’s showed off their turntable skills all in all rocking out the house. I gained an appreciation for their craft that I hadn’t previously had. Those girls could not only hang with the boys, they were out-doing them. Severely.

We finished off the night at club Zelda’s with a hyped up performance by the music group E11even. The talented female go-go dancers didn’t disappoint either, on their final night, keeping the crowd pumped up and excited. As the women danced to the thrum of the music, enjoying all the entertainment The Dinah’s Closing Party had to offer, they also made new friends, fortified established bonds, basked in the feminine essence of The Dinah and made solemn promises to themselves and their fellow community of women of returning again next year.

This article was written by Shanella Mcbeth for Divine Magazine



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