Taylor Watson Reflects On Dating History With  Not My Type

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Imagine your relationship “type.” For most of us, our type is consistent with both what we want romantically and our past relationships. Pop artist Taylor Watson has had the same experience, except her type has tended to be pretty toxic. “If all my exes lined up, they’d look like a lineup,” she jokes in her newest song, “Not My Type.” The track shares a narrative about finally choosing someone healthy to be with after a long history of having an unhealthy type, and the need to realize your own self-worth through those experiences. 

With a bouncy, upbeat tempo and a chorus that is sure to have you dancing, “Not My Type” is at its core an anthem of self-love. Lyrics like, “I still want you even though you’re nice” and “I’m not used to healthy, but I like who I am with you” come together to show the reality of finding a relationship that’s good for you and prioritizes your self-worth, even if it doesn’t fit your usual criteria for your “type,” and will definitely have you singing along. 

“If your type is toxic, you have to find someone who isn’t your type. I did, and this song is about him.”

 – Taylor Watson

“Not My Type” is a great reminder to all of us who are holding on tight to what we think is or should be our type – it may not be what we really need.

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