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Susan Mac Nicol

Bringing men together, one book at a time The official stuff  Susan writes steamy, sexy and fun contemporary gay romance stories, some suspenseful, some gritty and dark and others that hopefully make you think. She’s also Editor in Chief…

2018- My Year Ahead

2017 was an amazing year in some respects, and awful in others, both from a personal standpoint and a world view. I’m not one to dwell on what’s been before, because I believe it’s self-defeating. Instead, I focus on the future and live day…

Would you work for free? by Sean Kerr

Of late, I have seen a number of complaints with regard to the pricing of e books. There seems to be an alarming ‘trend’ that unless a book is 99c or free, it will not be considered. As an author, I find this very insulting.  Let me…

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