Surprising Causes Of Hearing Loss

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Okay, so you know that listening to loud music for prolonged periods isn’t conducive to good ear health. And you are probably aware that hearing loss is part and parcel of old age.

But there are some surprising causes of hearing loss that you might not have considered, so to keep you in the loop, consider the following.

#1: Smoking

You already know that you should quit smoking. Not only does it cause your breath and clothes to smell, but this bad habit also puts you at risk of cancer and a variety of respiratory diseases. Follow the tips in the previously linked article if you need help kicking the habit. 

However, here’s a little known fact that you might not be aware of. Smoking is also a leading cause of hearing loss. As discussed in this article, this might be because the toxins in cigarette smoke are said to damage the inner ear. The nicotine in cigarettes can also reduce blood flow, so this is another possible reason why smokers stand a greater chance of becoming hearing impaired. 

In short then; give up the habit!

#2: Allergies

Many of us are allergic to one thing or another, and the side-effects are usually a runny nose, itchy eyes, and a sore throat. Our skin can also be affected, and it is because of this very reason that our hearing might be at risk. The swelling from an allergic reaction can block the ear canal, and this can lead up to a buildup of fluids that could cause an infection. In most cases, hearing loss will only be temporary, but it’s still worth getting your ear infection treated so as to avoid any long-term damage. 

Learn more in this article on allergies and hearing loss

#3: Items in your household

Okay, so you know that your television turned up to the max is dangerous to your hearing, and the same applies to whatever sound system you use at home. However, there are other items in your household that can affect your hearing, and some of them may be surprising to you. For starters, anything that measures over 80 decibels will put your hearing at risk after prolonged use. We are thinking about your lawnmower, food blender, and even some of your children’s toys. Then there are the power tools that you use for DIY, the alarm clock that gets you up in the morning, and also your vacuum cleaner. Check out this list of household items for these and more.

To avoid hearing loss, you should avoid prolonged use to give your ears a rest from some of the more deafening items in your home. You might also shop around for quieter alternatives, or purchase earmuffs that can be used when you’re using any noisy appliance. 


We hope this article has been useful to you, and that the info we provided goes some way towards supporting your hearing health. However, if you know you are already suffering from hearing loss, make an appointment with a hearing specialist for further advice. Read the following linked article to learn more about the professionals available to you. 

Take care, and thanks for reading.

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